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Another day, another city. And, as the Hornets board the plane for the next game on the road trip, another bunch of articles saying basically what Hornets fans knew about Chris Paul all along, which is, essentially, “Wow.” They love him in Canada, plus a couple of other cities too.

Paul takes throne from Nash National Post.

No contest in MVP race: Give the hardware to Paul Chicago Daily Herald.

Right now, Paul is my MVP pick Charlotte Observer. Oh hey, y’all, this is an actual vote.

This was a really nice Mo Pete story from a Toronto fan.

And, as an extra special bonus, the Globe and Mail raves about D West and thinks Chris Paul is god.

I’m Just Saying

By on March 31, 2008

If you’re an MVP candidate, maybe… maybe… articles about your game last night should… maybe… not lead off like this.

Kobe Bryant abandoned his one-man show, got his teammates involved and the Los Angeles Lakers prevailed in a shooting contest.

I’m just throwing that out there. Do with it what you will.

On the other hand, Kobe did end up with 26 points and 13 assists. In other news, CP3 went 20-16 (routine for him) and the Hornets held on to beat the Raptors 118-111 and grab win #50. Of course, Chris Paul played 12 minutes less…

What? I said I was just going to put it out there.

HypeMeter: They love us, they really do. 

Aw. Cry about it, Kobe.I have decided to be positive following last night’s loss to the Celtics. The Hornets are 2-1 on the road trip, and are tied with San Antonio for first place (though ahead percentage-wise). The Lakers suffered another egregious loss to a subpar team, which means we can all make ourselves feel a little bit better by laughing at them, because at least we lost to Boston.

Anyway, going back to the title of this post, I love things that are free. Man. I really do. Ask my boyfriend. We had this discussion during the Hornets’ recent homestand.

ticktock6: We have to remember to bring our free appetizer coupon for Gordon Biersch.

mW: I thought you said you weren’t hungry.

ticktock6: Well, yeah, but it’s free.

mW: That has nothing to do with anything. If you’re not hungry, then you don’t need to eat.

ticktock6: But it’s free.

mW: I will never understand how you weigh what you do.

ticktock6: Look, no. I don’t think you are really understanding the concept here. IT’S. FREE. If we go to Gordon Biersch, we will absolutely buy two beers. That will cost $10. If you spend $10 you get a free appetizer if you bring your program. Why would we not get it? It’s a waste of free food not to get it. Freeeeeee!

mW: Because you’re not hungry?

ticktock6: I’m hungry if it’s free.

mW: …..

We have four home games left in the regular season. I can’t believe I just typed that. But. There’s some pretty cool stuff coming up on the promotional schedule, if you’re a local fan and you want to score free Hornets loot. Check it out:

April 4th Hornets vs. Knicks: Honeybee night. Everyone gets a free Honeybee poster. Me? I give this one a big huge WHAT-EV (hey, how about Tyson Chandler posters for all the ladies in attendance, am I right? am I right?), but I’m sure there are people who care. 😛 (Dude. Fantastic moment of last night’s watch party at Bruno’s. The Honeybee throws Hornets beads to everyone on the right side of me. Then she stops at me, the only girl at the table. THEN she turns around, opens another bag, and tosses them to the rest of our table, starting with mW on the left side of me. OK, Honeybees, it may be true that I am slightly cuter than some of you, but believe me, I am not competition. If you saw me dance, you would know this is a fact.)

Tyson knows how to bobble… oh yes he doesApril 6th Hornets vs. Warriors: Chris Paul bobblehead (first 10,000 fans). Look, I don’t know about you guys, but I am willing to forgo the free beer to get this bobblehead.

April 8th Hornets vs. Jazz: Peja Stojakovic bobblehead (first 8,000 fans) And then I can put him next to Tyson and CP3 on my mantelpiece and arrange tastefully themed decorations around them and place them in entertaining poses together and they will look happy and my life will be much enriched. MUST HAVE.

April 15th Hornets vs. Clippers: Team poster to everyone in attendance.

Also, there are Buzzfests for all four home games left on the schedule. Yes, even the Sunday 4/6 game that got moved to noon, for which the beer is going to start at 10:00 AM, so come ready with your drinking hat on. I don’t really have a drinking hat, but you know, just in case you do…

Memo to NBA Coaches: Cry About It

By on March 29, 2008

Doc “Cry Me a” RiversSo here’s how it is. Classic match-up. Best in the West and best in the East. Each team giving its best and hammering the other, then the other taking it and giving it back. I think fans of either team would be proud at half time, and would feel okay with the loss either way because it was such a great slugfest. Only then Doc “Cry Me A” Rivers melted down near the end of the half. Throwing a hissy fit over calls that were clearly legitimate, he garnered a technical foul. On the next few fouls (his team was in the penalty early), he glowered at the refs, but kept it cool.

Then the second half. Where we saw perhaps the worst refereed quarter ever. And fans of the Hornets know that is saying something. For the first five minutes or so of the quarter, it was a slugfest. Celtics come out on a run, but then the Bees responded. They went back and forth. It was as nerve wracking as it was great. But then the refs took over. First, a “foul” on David West, where the Celtic is seen clearly in the replay pulling his jersey and yanking him to the ground. Then the Celtics score. Next, David West was called for a charge, when his defender was off his feet (a clear foul on the defender, and a total blown call). Then the Celtics go down and score. Then a third foul. A Celtics score on the other end. Later a CP shooting foul, somehow, inexplicably is called a pre-shooting foul, the cheering crowd looking for 2 points and 1 are disappointed when they see the ref waving it off. The Bees take it out of bounds and then a turnover and C’s score on the other end.

While we’ve written before that a true champion should be able to overcome bad calls, it’s really hard when the team you’re playing is a potential champion also. When you do the math on this stretch, it was not just three bad calls, costing us six points, but twelve because they worked both ends. So basically, this stretch cost us the game. Yes, we lost by twenty, but that was well after the game was out of hand, forcing us to jack up bad shots in desperation and what our back-ups eventually did in the same vein.

So yes, NBA coaches, feel free to lobby, cry, and whine to the refs. Get your technicals. It just might help. And by the way, I love the Celtics. I love Kevin Garnett. So I’m not biased against them. But right now, I’m so bitter that they were given this game on a silver platter, that I am going to be desperately rooting against them in the playoffs. David Stern may want Lakers-Celtics in the finals, but I for one don’t want him to make that decision unilaterally.

Nor should the refs. This game was a travesty. The Hornets will have their revenge.

Do My Ears Deceive Me?

By on March 28, 2008

Or is that the sweet, sweet sound of NBATV going off on the Hornets? I mean, this is NBATV. They hate on us on a regular basis. Obviously, it has to be taken with a grain of salt because they are covering our team. But they started with the Hornets as opposed to the Celtics. And 4 minutes later, they’re still going. (Oh, but David West can’t create his own shot? Meh… don’t know about that.)

“Give us your CP3 for MVP argument– 15 seconds!” Aaaand I love it.

HypeMeter: Heating Up

By on March 28, 2008

Hornets get some Dime Love today.

Plus, a nice feature on Yahoo the other day. Someone over there must be drinking the Kool Aid, because they’ve got the #1 ranking too. They had it up on the front page Wednesday with the headline “On the Geaux.” Aw. See how they did that there.

I am endlessly amused by Ball Don’t Lie’s Bedlam tournament. As they say:

Day five of our completely pointless, albeit oddly entertaining, BDL Bedlam Tournament. Thanks to your help, we’ve compiled a list of 64 things that you may or may not love about the NBA and seeded them into four regions. Today we unveil the final eight match-ups of the first round. Voting will remain open until Sunday.

One of today’s matchups is #5 Seed CP3 vs. Deron going up against #12 Seed the Golden State Warriors crowd. I really wanna see Gilbert Arenas’ sweater vests go up against Jamal Crawford’s magic rock

The Hornets have sole possession of first place, thanks to the Lakers losing to the lowly Bobcats. I thought I’d been drinking too much when I saw that score. Rockets, Lakers, and Spurs are all tied one game back from the Hornets. The bad news: the Hornets have the Celtics up tonight, and those other guys are playing the likes of Memphis and Minnesota.

And TNT loves CP3. Well, Chuck does anyway.

HornetsHype Loves NBATV

By on March 27, 2008

Quote of the Night:

[while watching NBATV cover every game in progress between every scrub team in the NBA]

“Where is our game? I don’t get it. We know they love to suck LeBron’s dick… Maybe they’re embarrassed because he prematurely ejaculated tonight.”

– mW, referring to LeBron inexplicably driving to the basket and leaving 7 entire seconds for the Hornets to get the ball and win the game


By on March 27, 2008

I have nothing to say that isn’t what I said yesterday. So, ya know, feel free to scroll down. Except now with Bonus!ManLove!

Yes, this means David West was legendary again.

Bonus! ManLove!

Mr West West West West West… yeah…

I had to do the beat myself in my living room. How could you not?

The past three games since returning from the ankle:




And a grand total of 25/27 at the free throw line.

Who’s a star now?

(There is no point to this post. I just really like the picture.)

Zach (Los Angeles): Who do you see as the top 4 seeds out West, and who will get the No. 1 seed?

John Hollinger: Lakers will get the top seed because their remaining schedule is so soft. Jazz will get No. 4 because they’ll be NW division champs, and could move up to No. 3 depending on how things go over the final two weeks. OK, now for the hard part. I’ll take Houston to win the Southwest and the No. 2 seed, and San Antonio to finish behind them and take the No. 3. That would leave New Orleans and Phoenix as Nos. 5 and 6, Golden State at 7, and Denver/Dallas at 8. Of course, ask me tomorrow and you might get something completely different.

I’ve been trying for about the last 10 minutes to come up with a way to get my cat, a piece of his poop, and today’s Daily Dime all in one photo. But my cat hates people being near him, not to mention having his picture taken, and I don’t really want his poop that close to my laptop because the idea of that freaks me out, plus I would have to actually, physically pick the poop out of the litterbox, and then I’d have to use my digital camera and not the one in my MacBook because otherwise I couldn’t get the screen in… yeah, it’s just not coming.

Even my cat poops on you, ESPN. You’ll just have to picture it yourself.

(There are things in this analysis I don’t necessarily take issue with, but like hell the Rockets and Jazz are ending up above the Suns and Hornets. It’s just hard to see, after this week. Rockets taking the division over both San Antonio and New Orleans? Doubtful at best.)