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Aw. Cry about it, Kobe.I have decided to be positive following last night’s loss to the Celtics. The Hornets are 2-1 on the road trip, and are tied with San Antonio for first place (though ahead percentage-wise). The Lakers suffered another egregious loss to a subpar team, which means we can all make ourselves feel a little bit better by laughing at them, because at least we lost to Boston.

Anyway, going back to the title of this post, I love things that are free. Man. I really do. Ask my boyfriend. We had this discussion during the Hornets’ recent homestand.

ticktock6: We have to remember to bring our free appetizer coupon for Gordon Biersch.

mW: I thought you said you weren’t hungry.

ticktock6: Well, yeah, but it’s free.

mW: That has nothing to do with anything. If you’re not hungry, then you don’t need to eat.

ticktock6: But it’s free.

mW: I will never understand how you weigh what you do.

ticktock6: Look, no. I don’t think you are really understanding the concept here. IT’S. FREE. If we go to Gordon Biersch, we will absolutely buy two beers. That will cost $10. If you spend $10 you get a free appetizer if you bring your program. Why would we not get it? It’s a waste of free food not to get it. Freeeeeee!

mW: Because you’re not hungry?

ticktock6: I’m hungry if it’s free.

mW: …..

We have four home games left in the regular season. I can’t believe I just typed that. But. There’s some pretty cool stuff coming up on the promotional schedule, if you’re a local fan and you want to score free Hornets loot. Check it out:

April 4th Hornets vs. Knicks: Honeybee night. Everyone gets a free Honeybee poster. Me? I give this one a big huge WHAT-EV (hey, how about Tyson Chandler posters for all the ladies in attendance, am I right? am I right?), but I’m sure there are people who care. đŸ˜› (Dude. Fantastic moment of last night’s watch party at Bruno’s. The Honeybee throws Hornets beads to everyone on the right side of me. Then she stops at me, the only girl at the table. THEN she turns around, opens another bag, and tosses them to the rest of our table, starting with mW on the left side of me. OK, Honeybees, it may be true that I am slightly cuter than some of you, but believe me, I am not competition. If you saw me dance, you would know this is a fact.)

Tyson knows how to bobble… oh yes he doesApril 6th Hornets vs. Warriors: Chris Paul bobblehead (first 10,000 fans). Look, I don’t know about you guys, but I am willing to forgo the free beer to get this bobblehead.

April 8th Hornets vs. Jazz: Peja Stojakovic bobblehead (first 8,000 fans) And then I can put him next to Tyson and CP3 on my mantelpiece and arrange tastefully themed decorations around them and place them in entertaining poses together and they will look happy and my life will be much enriched. MUST HAVE.

April 15th Hornets vs. Clippers: Team poster to everyone in attendance.

Also, there are Buzzfests for all four home games left on the schedule. Yes, even the Sunday 4/6 game that got moved to noon, for which the beer is going to start at 10:00 AM, so come ready with your drinking hat on. I don’t really have a drinking hat, but you know, just in case you do…

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3 Responses to “I Love Things That Are Freeeee!”

  1. Hey, the Honeybee did toss you the Hornets hat. Not the Touro one which we already have, but the cool one with the logo on the back too. There’s that.

  2. […] that I didn’t even know existed cause, well, I’m an idiot. I met ticktock6 (who loves all things free) and mW from Hornets Hype and Ron Hitley at Hornets247.com. It was great to meet some local bloggers […]

  3. Yeah, it was cool to see a lot of the online community at Bruno’s. There were several contributors to the Hornets Forum there too. Good stuff.

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