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I’m Just Saying

By on March 31, 2008

If you’re an MVP candidate, maybe… maybe… articles about your game last night should… maybe… not lead off like this.

Kobe Bryant abandoned his one-man show, got his teammates involved and the Los Angeles Lakers prevailed in a shooting contest.

I’m just throwing that out there. Do with it what you will.

On the other hand, Kobe did end up with 26 points and 13 assists. In other news, CP3 went 20-16 (routine for him) and the Hornets held on to beat the Raptors 118-111 and grab win #50. Of course, Chris Paul played 12 minutes less…

What? I said I was just going to put it out there.

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5 Responses to “I’m Just Saying”

  1. if the lakers faulter over the last stretch of games cp will get the mvp. even if kobe plays his ass off. its almost playoff time its hard to say this but, we have to put this great season we’ve had and put it on the back burner until the finals. hopefully! even if cp doesnt get the mvp everyone here in new orleans will treat it like he won it. give the kid his own parade!!!!

  2. Oh he deserves it no matter what! A parade, that is. He’s probably done nothing less than singlehandedly save basketball in New Orleans. Lakers are 5-5 in their last 10, Hornets are 8-2. Hopefully they can maintain that for the rest of the season, lock up a top seed, and keep the momentum rolling into the first round.

  3. Great article on the link. Personally, I’ll be happy if they get the 1 or 2 seed. I think the bottom two teams are starting to show a decline in talent from the top 6.

  4. The Yelling Guy says:

    Ok, I’m just gonna throw this out there. CP3 got his 10th 20pt & 15ast game of the season last night. How many do the rest of the NBA have? That would be 8. Also, you want to talk about clutch down the stretch, CP has had 16 or more assists in 6 games…….. in MARCH!!!!

  5. Well, I’m gonna throw THIS out there to make it even better:

    (via the ESPN stat monkeys)

    Chris Paul scored 20 points with 16 assists in the Hornets’ 118-111 win at Toronto, to finish the month of March with 199 assists. Over the last 10 seasons, the only player to record 200 assists in any calendar month is Steve Nash, who has done it three times (Jan. 2005, Jan. 2006, and Dec. 2007).

    I KNEW he shouldn’t have only played 35 minutes!!!

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