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In a basement. In our pajamas.

CP3 for MVP nightgowns all around!I would give you a photo of what the CP3 for MVP t-shirt giveaway looks like, but that thing is so X-Large that if I put it back on, I’m not sure I’ll be able to find my way out of it again… I kid, I kid. That’s it on the left.

We were also (barely) able to score our Chris Paul bobbleheads. They passed out cards with “CP3 MVP” on one side and “GEAUX HORNETS” on the other. I thought they could have done a better job of coordinating that stuff via the PA announcer, but whatever. The fans more or less did all right with it. Chris Paul’s bobblehead doesn’t really look like Chris Paul, but it does have one yellow bracelet and one white. Cute! Just like the real Chris Paul.

As for the game, let me explain. No, there is too much. Let me sum up:

My bobbleheads are not to scaleRic Flair was there to personally do the “WHOO!” Hornets fell behind early, then blasted their way through the 2nd quarter to take the lead. Hornets and Warriors exchanged runs throughout the second half. CP3 had a triple double on national TV, and really, though it was a rather quiet game for him (SEE? HOW SPOILED ARE WE??? You want to trade your guy’s night for our guy’s quiet 16 pts, 13 ast, 10 reb, and 5 steals? Oh, too bad. You can’t have him), might have just sealed up the MVP right there. Jannero Pargo took over the 2nd quarter and scored 15 points off the bench. David West started out limited but finished strong. Bonzi Wells lounged on the bench and drank Red Bull, while still managing to be great in that strange Bonzi way. Peja was Peja. Hornets rolled 108-96, picking up win #54 and a 2 game cushion for the #1 seed in the West.

Notes on ABC’s coverage:

We DVRed this game just because we had to see for ourselves whether any shitlistings would be imminent. But it’s okay, ABC’s safe. It was probably some of the nicest coverage the Hornets have had recently. (And you think by “nicest,” I mean they talked about us the most. No. I don’t think people who live in other cities truly understand the number of ill-informed cheap shots taken at the city of New Orleans and the team during regular coverage of these games. It’s still happening, and it’s really annoying. So I really do mean “nicest” as in, they were nice.)

  • I guess, cool as the Hornets are, they aren’t as cool as Steve Nash and the Phoenix Suns, because we never get the parking garage shot of them walking past their expensive black cars into the arena. You know you’ve made it when you get a parking garage shot.
  • At the beginning of the game, they did a close-up on Chris Paul stretching, and he started coughing and had to get up because the smoke was in his face.
  • There was a massive MVP chant for Chris Paul in the 4th quarter, but they went to commercial break.
  • Announcers loved Tyson, called D-West “well, I hesitate to say this, but one of the great players in this league,” and said Peja was back in old-school form.
  • ABC agreed with us on the quality of the officiating.
  • Pargo got interviewed at halftime. I don’t think they knew where Pargo came from.
  • We got to go inside the locker room and hear both coaches discussing their game plan for the second half. Nelson: “We aren’t sticking to the plan. We have to get back to the plan.” What was the Warriors’ plan? … Jacking up threes. No, I’m not kidding. That was it. Now, if you look back to the home game the Hornets lost to the Warriors, you can see why that was the whole plan. But still. That’s it, guys? That’s all ya got? Too bad Golden State was 3 for 29. I don’t know, at some point, I’d have been thinking about… maybe… changing the plan.
  • Chris Paul is a bossy little mofo on those Wired segments, isn’t he? “Hey, Coach, please, I gotta play, I swear I’ll take myself out if I need to come out, please!… Coach, D-West and Peja! Why’re they on the bench?” Haha!
  • Halftime feature on David West, plus earlier we also got footage of CP’s high school game where he scored 61 points in honor of his grandfather. Then we had Peja’s Fave Five three point shooters. I said, “Is he allowed to say himself?” Wonder no more, because Peja’s Fave Five were Larry Bird, Reggie Miller, Ray Allen, Dirk Nowitzki, and indeed, himself. LOL. Guess so.
  • Said they definitely think there’ll be a home advantage come playoff time. Said the city of New Orleans has always brought it for the Saints, and they have no doubt they’ll bring it for the Hornets, because they know how to bring the party.

HypeMeter: ABC figures, the Hornets haven’t dropped out of #1 when everyone thought they would, so why not? Yes! You know you want to throw in with us. Hornets, Hornets, Hornets! We can’t wait to see what happens next, either.

CrowdWatch: 17,809, another sellout, and if it’s good enough for ABC, it’s good enough for me.

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6 Responses to “My Chris Paul bobblehead is almost as tall as my Tyson Chandler bobblehead… Does that seem right to you?”

  1. I failed to get a bobblehead, because I overslept. I could have tried to get one probably if I felt like scouring one, but I would have missed Ric Flair’s surprise appearance! The crowd went nuts when he started wooing out of control! Moving. I saw Mike when you were in the bathroom at halftime. I didn’t go to GB either today. If you went, how was it?

  2. Another thing,

    I was disappointed in the lack of black shirts on people today. I was hoping for a “Blackout” but apparently the Hornets didn’t push that enough. Oh well.



  3. The Yelling Guy says:

    Had to sneak a radio into my office at Drill this weekend. I’ll be back to my yelling on Tuesday.

  4. GB was all right, we just had one quick round then pretty much everyone took off early.

    I thought they should have told us flat out to put the t-shirts on. Just say, “IT WILL LOOK COOLER ON TV IF WE’RE ALL IN BLACK. PUT THEM ON.” But they never came out and said it. They don’t seem to have the organization for stuff like that. Herds of people are dumb. You have to tell them what to do.

    Oh, and Ric Flair was outside at the beerfest! We heard random “WHOO!” in the crowd and turned around and said, “Wait, is that…?” Funny.

  5. Yay go Hornets and all that. I just wanted to say that what the Hornets have done this season is inconceivable…

  6. Of course the day I oversleep is the day that we have a celebrity at the freakin Buzzfest. I’ll see y’all before the game.

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