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I don’t want to acknowledge that the Hornets let last night happen, so I’m going to do what I usually do in my little world of denial; that is, ignore the game and blog about something completely different.

Namely, that the Hornets held a contest for the best fan video about why Chris Paul is MVP. On Friday we found out that my video won! Which means we are going to meet Chris Paul on Tuesday. Oh, and sit courtside for the Clippers game. No, I am not making this up.

What We Won

  • 2 floor seats to Hornets vs. Clippers, the last home game
  • a limo to and from the game (arriving promptly at 4:30 on Tuesday at HornetsHype.com’s headquarters, a.k.a. our apartment)
  • meet Chris Paul
  • the video will appear on the Jumbotron sometime that night
  • a feature in Hornets Bee-Mail
  • a feature in the Hornets first playoff program

So. This means a couple of things. First of all, I need to get to work editing my video (some of the stats have become outdated) and burning it onto 2 DVDs for the Hornets people. Second, LIKE OMG I TOTALLY NEED TO PLAN MY OUTFIT!1!!11 (Kidding. Actually, not really, because I was going to wear my TC #6 jersey, but I’m not sure about the etiquette of doing that when you’re getting pics taken with CP3.) Third, I need to come up with something supercreative to make Chris Paul do so I can blog the photo! So if you have an awesome idea, let me know! Fourth, if you know anyone who wants tickets to the game, which I believe is sold out, we’re probably going to have 2 lower bowl tickets for sale. They’re in Section 105, top row. Email ticktock6 AT gmail.com if you’re interested. Include $$.

You can watch my award-winning masterpiece here, and it’s also embedded on our CP3 for MVP page.


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14 Responses to “We’re Not Worthy! We’re Not Worthy!”

  1. Congratulations!!!! Hopefully they show you on TV!

  2. Wow! Congrats – looking forward to the post – I bet you’re looking forward to the traffic boost.

  3. Whatever else has happened in the world this year, ticktock and I have been completely charmed when it comes to B-Ball. First of all, ticktock didn’t even start out the year as a fan. But at some point she became consumed by it. Now we operate this blog, which has been a blast; we go to every game, and watch all the others on TV; often we go to the pre-game buzzfests and after-game Gordon Biersch shows. We’ve met a lot of great people during this time, have been to a weekend full of All-Star events, won a CP All-Star Jersey and pair of CP Air Jordans courtesy of the contest over at hornets247. Now this! I give all credit to ticktock for this video. I put in about 0.00002 percent of the effort to make it. Ironically, we used my myspace account to enter, so technically, I’m the winner. But don’t anyone out there be fooled. It was all ticktock.

    Initially, besides being a basketball fan, I was committed to getting season tickets because I wanted to support the Hornets and the city of New Orleans. Only now, I’m the one who feels like they’ve received something. The Hornets have made for quite a few happy months here. And of course now we’ll have the playoffs. But ticktock and I are greedy like that. We’re not satisfied yet. We’re hoping for a trip to the NBA finals this year. Geaux Hornets!

  4. Well deserved guys. Congrats. That’s a great video. Ticktock, I had no idea you had such badass video editing skillzez!!

    I am a little disappointed though that my video didn’t get picked as the winner. It was a 20-second clip of me running down St. Charles on a Sunday afternoon wearing nothing but a painted-on Chris Paul jersey. I can only assume that the judges were intimidated by the size of my teal tackle.

  5. Let’s not kid ourselves. My Mac has badass video editing skills. I have my Mac.

    How come I didn’t see your teal striptease video???!!

  6. The Yelling Guy says:

    Ticktock, your vid editing skillz are the epitome of awesomeness. I think even Chuck Norris would be proud.

  7. Hey guys, just found your site. I’m a brazilian Hornets fan and will be coming here whenever I can. Congrats for the site.

    See ya

  8. Congrats guys, know where you’ll be sitting at the game/when you’ll be getting there?

  9. Vilmar– Hornets fans from ANYWHERE are welcome!

    … We’re going to be on the floor behind the Hornets bench I believe. And we have to get there at 5 to do the whole CP3 thing.

  10. […] That girl and lad won an opportunity to meet a chap by the name of “Chris Paul” and sit courtside (!!!) due to this fantastic CP34MVP video. I can’t wait till they write about that […]

  11. You should definitely try to get CP3 to hold up a mini sign pimping your site.

  12. Jim Eichenhofer of Hornets.com says:

    Congratulations to you from the Hornets. You did a great job with the video. And by the way, I have become a fan of your website in the last couple days after checking out some of the stuff you have on here (I particularly got a kick out of the T-P watchdog and the —t List! Haha).

    You are doing some great work in terms of supporting the cause of getting people in New Orleans even more excited about the team. Thank you so much for everything you have done and are doing.

  13. […] time to get down to the Hive Nest and go boo the City of Los Angeles. The folks from Hornets Hype will be there, getting to meet Chris Paul. Also, Hornets247.com has a nice post in defense of Chris Paul as the league MVP. If CP3 can […]

  14. I agree with Jim, this site rocks! It’s a good site when you want to know the “et cetera” type stuff, meaning everything a FAN wants to know/see. I don’t think that came out the way I wanted to, but I’ve had a long day… Anyway, it means good stuff. I was first drawn to the site by the “S!@% List” too! haha

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