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Our Jumbotron Moment

By on April 16, 2008

my jumbotron moment

a.k.a. Ticktock6 talks on camera… and talks… and talks…

Someone please tell me it wasn’t as bad as I remember it being! As I stood there rambling and sneaking sideways glances at myself (“SELF! We’re on the court! We’re on the jumbotron!”) on the screen, I realized that I had no clue what I was actually saying. No, seriously. It’s like I blacked out. Clearly Rob Nice does not know me. Because then he’d know that if I’m on a roll, you have to stop me. Haha.

I have gotten a lot of nice emails and messages about my video, so I just want to thank everyone! People actually came up to us in the arena because they recognized us, which felt so weird. For those who asked, the song is “Change in My Life” by Rockapella. Lots more about last night coming, but I’ve got to go through over 100 photos first.

Go Hornets! To watch Hornets/Mavs on CST or ESPN… that is the question. Oh, to be able to have such choices in life!

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5 Responses to “Our Jumbotron Moment”

  1. I want to be ticktock or Wawer. Preferably Wawer, he being male and all.

  2. Rockapella played at my senior week at Ithaca College!

    In other news: I missed (!) you guys when you were on the jumbotron so I can’t give a completely unbiased, journalistic account about whether or not you embarrassed yourself in front of thousands of people.

  3. […] Hornets had fan appreciation night, and while the folks over at Hornets Hype have their own incredible fan story for your reading pleasure, I’d like to introduce you to the lady in the above video. Her name […]

  4. Ithaca? Funny. We went to college at St. Lawrence and Binghamton.

    I guess I’ll never find out how much of a spaz I was! (I know I was a spaz. However, I suspect mW sounded succinct and coherent, so that’s something.)

  5. I just kept it short, baby. But at least on this photo you look good. I got some weird sheen on my face. Poor lighting camera crew. Poor lighting.

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