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TC 6 repairs a ceiling fanThe Hornets better watch out.

All three teams who were down 2-0 won last night. Washington and Toronto did it at home. Houston took a rare one on the road in Utah (but then, Utah had already won a rare two on the road in Houston, so it’s proving to be a weird series). The Hornets have looked impressive in the first two games in the series, but tonight is going to be huge. If Dallas takes one back, it’s a new series.

We’re going to find out who this team is tonight.

Speaking of this team, has anyone noticed that ESPN has been dispensing mad Hornet love lately?

* This article finally praised the Hornets, maybe overmuch, calling them “the most complete team left in the NBA.”

* John Hollinger gives the team almost daily attention.

* David West, Chris Paul, and Josh Howard talk about the influence of their shared college coach, the late Skip Prosser.

Meanwhile, the good ol’ boys who “played in the ’80’s, man” on TNT keep talking Mavs, Mavs, Mavs. Charles Barkley jumped on the CP3 bandwagon briefly a couple of weeks back, then promptly changed his mind and jumped back off. Never mind his ignorant “the Hornets play in a mausoleum” comment, which by the way, was immortalized by our favorite hometown signmakers, Apple and Larry, at the Arena.

So we’ve got the beginning signs of ESPN playing themselves off the $#*t List. And we’ve got TNT sinking deeper and deeper into the mire of Hornets hate…

Speaking of crowds, who caught the Toronto game? Wow. They’re so coordinated. Not only did they manage to all be wearing the proper color t-shirt, but they managed to coherently sing an entire “Ole.” The Hornets crowd is like a disorganized mob in comparison. It’s loud… but it needs work on its cheer coordination.

Finally, there’s a watch party tonight starting at 6:30 at Gordon Biersch, which is sort of the Official Bar of the New Orleans Hornets– if you didn’t know, they broadcast the Hornets postgame call-in show from G.B. after games, plus there’s a discount if you bring your program. You can also ask Joe Block a question on the air. I’m sort of ambivalent on watch parties, since the Hornets are 0-4 this year in games with an official watch party. I don’t know if it’s a good idea to drag my superstitious ass down there.

But then again, everything starts fresh in the playoffs! You should come on down and say hi. I’ll be the one wearing who’s a girl.

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8 Responses to “It’s a Trap! (Plus Game 3 Watch Party Tonight)”

  1. Gordon Biersch! Seasonal beer. Great food. And if you have a Hornets program at home there’s a coupon in it for a free appetizer if you spend at least $10! Come on out!

  2. Regarding Scoop’s article, are the Spurs not the epitome of a complete team? 3 of the best at their position, plus almost everybody on that team can step up, lock down, and fulfill their role. And an intelligent coach not named Isaiah Thomas? The only thing they’re lacking is a true high-flyer, which, for a championship, is optional. And a fun-to-watch game, but that’s solely based on opinion.

    I love that ‘disorganized mob’ comment. I was especially interested in the organization of fans (T-shirt colours) especially after the Golden State playoff series last season. Looked like a golden shower (I’d use sea of yellow, but it’s not as disgusting an analogy). I don’t know whether those T’s are free or not (probably, the Jazz ones have a corporate sponsor screenprinted on it), but it’s a beautiful thing seeing such mob-mentality in a home court.

  3. Mark– Yeah, as much as I loved that article because the Hornets generally get no appreciation for their season, I thought it was a bit of an exaggeration too.

    Re: the shirts. They gave out teal ones at the game on Saturday. But on the games I’ve seen on TV in other arenas this week, what they did was lay one out on every seat. That’s how Orlando got its crowd to do the half blue half white thing. So you KNOW you’re getting one and you don’t have to fight your way through the crowd and chaos to grab it. Then they can just say, “OK put on your shirt.” More prep needed? Yes. More efficient? Also yes.

  4. […] best pre- and post-game analysis can be found over at Hornets247.com (plus you can check out some cautious optimism over at HornetsHype). Although, I’m not so sure how, um, sober the Hornets247 analysis will be tonight […]

  5. Yeah. As great as the Hornets marketing people have been this year, they should be taking some notes during these other playoff games.

  6. They should just get those heads on a stick for the starting five and pass them out to everyone. Then the mavs will have to play against several thousand hornets(or at least it would look cool with 18 thousand hornet heads out there).

  7. “The Hornets crowd is like a disorganized mob in comparison. It’s loud… but it needs work on its cheer coordination.”

    I blame the PA people. You get a solid MVP chant going, Chris Paul hits the free throw and they play Wooooo which immediately comes on like a case of ADD as half the crowd continues to mumble MVP while everyone else chimes in with a Woooo of their own.

    If you got a good chant going, leave the sound effects on the sideline until the chant dies off. Momentum killers!

  8. Or like the other night when they wanted to play “Daaaayo”, which is the dumbest thing ever, and the crowd wanted to boo, and they booed right over the top of it. Then the PA was like, Oh crap, they’re booing, and shut it off, but not before it sounded stupid.

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