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I almost didn't recognize D West because he's smilingYesterday we got TrueHooped. (Since I was home from work sick, that was a fun activity for my afternoon… just reloading the page and watching the traffic double, then triple.) Which is kind of the be-all and end-all of NBA blogging. The good news was that the site dealt with the extra traffic smoothly, despite my cheapskate ass hosting three domains on one account. It was a good day all around.

And then the Hornets made it better.

Could you have scripted a better first playoff series for Chris Paul? Old Guard vs. New Upstarts. Falling Back vs. Rising Up. And David West with another 25-point “Oh What? You Thought I Was the Fluke All Star?” night. (As my 7th grade class would say, “That’s cold.”) And no one but Hornets fans could have predicted how Jannero Pargo has gone off in this series. In fact, most media experts predicted that #7 seed Dallas would win the series, with virtually no one saying the Hornets in less than 7 games.

Honestly, I saw this happening. Not, you understand, as a definite, but as a probability I could see unfolding. “Seriously?” I thought. “If the Hornets win this series, it won’t be in 7.” I think, realistically, this series was over after Game One. Yeah, yeah, yeah, “you say that now,” but think about it. It was how the team came out after the half, down 12 points. And as they played, as Chris Paul dismantled the Mavs and took the game over, it was like watching a team realize they belong. And once you’ve got that, you don’t let it go.

If you’ve watched this team all season, you know they were capable, young, and hungry. But the thing is, most people haven’t seen this team. Until last week, the Hornets had only had 5 or 6 nationally televised games.

Well, you’ve seen them now. Get used to it.

Get used to the names. Get used to the faces. These are the faces you’ll be seeing over and over again for the next five years.

As SLAM Online wrote this morning:

Has there ever been a franchise that’s been a complete afterthought, draft one player and then all of a sudden they are a powerhouse. Chris Paul is (insert over the top praise). The Hornets season has been a smashing success. No matter what happens from here on out. The worst thing that can happen to them is they learn hard lessons. And that’s not even a bad thing.

“It’s not a blog. It’s a movement.” That’s what we here at HornetsHype like to say. Well, the movement has picked up a lot of strength. It seems as if our goals–and the team’s goals– are being accomplished every day. But I’m not going to stop blogging.

And the Hornets aren’t going to stop playing.

New Orleans Hornets vs. San Antonio Spurs. Game One. Saturday, May 2, 2008. 9 PM.

Higher and Higher.

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12 Responses to “I Might As Well Stop Blogging Part II”

  1. NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!! NOT SATURDAY!!!!! That’s the worst news ever! I have my monthly appointment with Uncle Sam to play Army this weekend. If we have the late game, I’m driving back to N.O. from Drill. I’m praying to whomever will listen, doing my rendition of the indian “rain dance”, hoping that every other playoff series goes seven games to try to push the schedule back so I can attend game 1. I think tomorrow I think I will start sacrificing small animals in an effort to appease the basketball gods to allow me the opportunity to be in N.O. Arena for that game. Don’t let me get to the point where I start cutting myself!!

  2. The time is still TBD, as far as I’ve seen. But it seems like it’s definitely Saturday.

  3. Silly reservist, at least your in the states so could be worse. Here is my take on this, I was saying to a friend it sucks the lakers get to rest but if the rockets can take their series to seven then the lakers would play whoever wins. So that would give us a chance to get a good break before the finals. I think Paul is a great player but he has got to do better on the road in san antonio. Dallas is a struggling team but the spurs are not so we can not give up any games in this series so Chris if you here me keep it up at home but try to carry it over on the road, PUHLLEEEEEEEEASE.

  4. I just gotta say this, I hate that kenny smith always changes the subject of the hornets to the lakers. There charles is giving us credit and kenny does his thing and all of a sudden he’s talking about L.A. He’s the guy who when they talked about MVP charles chose CP3 and kenny chose Cp3….or so I thought and then turned it all about bryant, HOW MUCH MONEY IS HE PAYING YOU KENNY!!!!!

  5. Yeah, I love when they do that by the way. Say they’re going to talk about the Hornets and then end up talking about SOME OTHER TEAM ENTIRELY.

  6. Game time has been confirmed: 9 PM CST.

  7. Wow, that’s really late NBA/TNT.

  8. Late enough, Mikey?

  9. “with virtually no one saying the Hornets in less than 7 games.”

    I could be wrong, (and I searched for it briefly but gave up pretty easily cuz Henry is going nuts on his blog lately) but I think his mom predicted Hornets in 5. I know you wrote virtually, but I just thought the TrueHoop love could be spread a bit more….

    Henry had his mom predict the outcome of each series along with a bunch of stat freaks. Schwan probably knows what I’m talking about, he seems to be all over that stuff.

  10. That’s awesome. I don’t know if I remember reading that one… but I just found it. Here it is.


    His mom did say Hornets in 5! That reminds me of the SNL skit with Peyton Manning and the chick who does her bracket randomly, and he gets all pissed off at her and stalks off.

  11. Twills says:

    Sweet. Good work. Here’s to Henry’s mom killing it the rest of the way. That’s a smart woman…

  12. If we miss it, someone send us the link for when she picks the upcoming series!

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