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Fill it up with gold!CrowdWaaaaaatch: Because, after all, this site was born out of a fit of righteous rage over such things, I can’t believe I haven’t posted an update about the Hornets’ ticket status. So here it is: season ticket sales are going REALLY well. As of this week, I’ve heard there are only a couple hundred seats left in the lower bowl. Total season ticket sales are just short of the 10,000 mark and should keep on going throughout the summer! Consider that, back in December, it wasn’t out of the question for there to be 10,000 or fewer people in the building total

Your city is not stealing the Hornets.

I told you.

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5 Responses to “Taking It To a Whole ‘Nother Level”

  1. It’s awesome. And there’s just under 18,000 regular seats, and I imagine others are held for home and visiting teams…man, it is so great to see this team succeeding. I can’t wait to see what they do in free agency.

  2. And, hey, ticktock (a.k.a. the grammar nazi), why the apostrophe in the post’s title before “Taking”? What letter(s) are missing such that one would be required? I get “‘Nother” because the apostrophe replaces the “A.” Maybe you meant “Takin'” It To, etc.?


  3. And how about 300-something people for a draft pick-less draft party? Impressive.

    This is great news, for there to be over 10,000 season ticket holders soon and I’m sure many more to come as the offseason progresses. Hoping for the enthusiasm to build even more after free agency, summer league, the NBA 2008-09 schedule release in early August, etc. I’m sure you guys agree, but there would be nothing better than to see a fierce homecourt advantage in the arena beginning on Opening Night this upcoming season.

    Don’t forget everyone that it’s (504) 525-HOOP to become a season ticket holder or go to Hornets.com. By the way, if you’re a season ticket holder (either new or pre-existing) and want to be featured in the GameTime program next season, e-mail me at jime@hornets.com and we’ll put it together soon. As promised, Fan Up is going to be an even bigger part of the program in 2008-09.

  4. It wasn’t a grammatical error so much as a typo.

  5. Jim, I was happy to see a decent crowd at the party! I don’t think people cared whether we picked or not… I noticed a good round of applause after every top pick, so it seemed more like people went anyway because they wanted to watch the draft. I personally was happy to see some folks I hadn’t seen in awhile.

    And nab what seems like my 20th XL free t-shirt. Haha.

    I know we of course renewed our tickets before the playoffs, but it’s going to be great to see the lower bowl packed. I can’t help thinking the Hornets could have added another 5-ish wins to their record last season if they’d had that advantage from the beginning…

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