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Summer League Update.

By on June 30, 2008

So far, it looks like both Julian Wright and Hilton Armstrong will play in the Summer League this year in Las Vegas. Also to get an invite, is ex-Hornet Adam Haluska, who was traded this year to the Rockets, only to be cut after the trade, and subsequently end up with the NBADL Iowa Energy (you can check his stats with Iowa here). I was one of the few to see Adam put up 20+ points in one game last preseason, and am excited to see him back and getting a shot. Byron and Bower (dare I say it, the Killer Bs?) saw something in him last draft, and obviously believe it’s still there.

The fourth invite so far goes to undrafted Illinois senior, Shaun Pruitt. Shaun’s 6’10”, 240 lbs., and can play either power forward or center, as he did in college. He’s known best for throwing his body around in the paint and coming up with rebounds. He’s working on both finishing around the basket and improving his jump-shot. He’ll need to work on his defense and lateral quickness, but has good conditioning and a freakish wingspan (you can read the full pre-draft report here).

Can’t wait to see who else ends up in camp. We’ll keep you updated.

EDITED LINK: summer league roster.

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One Response to “Summer League Update.”

  1. Yeah um lets hope pargo stays and we pick up a guy who could go at the 2 or 3 spot like maggette because 41 percent is lousy shooting and in the D league, that means against NBA players it would be worse. The Hornets need a 2/3 guard who could provide off the bench and a big man that we could put in a rotation. If pargo stays we are good at the point, and I think wright should play small forward because of his quickness(even though we played him at power foward a few times this season) so just a good 6-10 player would be awesome

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