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In which the Hornets have an(other) day of the offseason and Ticktock6, freshly returned to da 504 from foreign parts a.k.a. NYC, takes a look at some of the various search terms that bring folks to our fine site.

1. “how to shoot a free throw like peja” – Dude. If we knew, we’d all be making a cool $12 million a year.

2. “do new orleans hornets not wear the teal jerseys” – Ah. You must have caught a glimpse of the team’s slightly eye-searing gold third jerseys. The Hornets usually wear the teal, but in the playoffs each time they lost, they switched to the other road jersey to mix it up a little and perhaps for superstitious purposes. Hence: Dallas Game 3 = TEAL (L), Dallas Game 4 = GOLD (W), SA Game 3 = GOLD (L), SA Game 4 = TEAL (L), SA Game 6 = GOLD (L). I’ve heard the yet-to-be-revealed new jerseys will not include the gold.

3. “what will eat hornets?” Manu Ginobili’s bald spot?

4. “what color accessories to wear with teal?” Oooh! I am actually qualified to answer this question, being one of the few female NBA bloggers! I would go with silver or white.

5. “hornets that are black white and brown” Whoa, like real ones? Like multicolored stinging bugs? Man, get some pesticide. I guess our Hornets, too, could be described to be black, white, and brown. In, um, varying shades. And with teal over the top. Otherwise they’d be naked.

6. “Charlotte Hornets to Seattle” ….

… There are so many things wrong with this I don’t even know where to begin.

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11 Responses to “Surfing Through Search Terms”

  1. Hahaha, Welcome back

  2. That is quality blogging.

  3. Nice. You gave me the urge to check the recent Hornets247 search terms. The best I have to offer is “where can you get baron davis glasses.” I don’t think anyone needs to know the answer to that question.

  4. Damn I hate Baron Davis’ glasses…

  5. I just want to know where to get a Chris Paul USA team jersey… does anybody know?

  6. never mind found one.

  7. E.J. Rios says:

    @ Didier- I bought a a 2 chris paul usa jerseys and it said it wasn’t ready to ship yet, so i won’t get it for a while. Did you have that same problem?

  8. A little birdy told me that the uniforms follow Nike’s System of Dress, which means the jerseys run a little tighter, and the shorts a little longer than most ‘normal’ gear. I would say the jerseys probably have more elasticized material, esp. the ribbing. But that’s only if the general released gear follows what the players are actually sporting.

    Hope you guys get your order soon. Footlocker ships at the beginning of August, so I’d expect the same from your source, E.J.

    On topic: Awesome search topics. If you found the term ‘mW AND sexy AND pictures’, that was mine. Sorry.

  9. On the other hand, Houston just got Ron Artest for pithy pieces. And the top Western Conference teams just got impossibly more competitive.

    Western Conference, we have a problem.

  10. Michael says:

    Just wanted to mention one thing I saw today, apparently because Paul Pierce said he’s better than kobe bryant a billion fans of the man who purchased his mvp jumped all over Pierce, funny enough it was PP who did most of the damage to the lakers, when bryant was doing good he picked up the assignment and shut him down to horrible shooting for the whole series and of course noone wins titles alone, look at Jordan who many say is the best player ever he had pippen, rodman, kerr, alot of great players on that team so honestly laker fans just need to realize bryant is not as good as he thinks he is and people even brought up that Pierce isn’t on the olympic team, I don’t think that is because he’s not good enough he showed what he can do, I think they just don’t want to risk injury on his knee.

  11. Mark– Haaaa! I guess mW hasn’t seen that yet.

    Michael– I thought Pierce and the coach didn’t get along? I think he sorta got edged out because he was on the team that got embarrassed a couple years ago. And then this year they only picked out of a pool of people who made the commitment 3 years ago. Re: Kobe, he can say whatever he wants, he just beat him head to head in the finals. The internet is REALLY BORED right now.

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