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Vote For JuJu!

By on August 5, 2008

JuJu workin’ up a sweatHoops Addict is doing a pretty cool Floor Burn Tournament. The first round is up right now and voting runs through August 11th. It’s basically about recognizing hustle players vs. stars who get hype all the time. Here’s the description:

Each night ESPN, NBA.com and YouTube are flooded with clips of players soaring through the air for rim rocking dunks, buzzer beating three-pointers and blocked shots that make your jaw drop in amazement. While those are all entertaining plays, teams who win championships need players who are willing to get a little dirty and do the little things needed to help their team win. As valuable and crucial as these players are to their respective teams success, these players rarely get the credit or respect that they deserve.

(Note: We wrote up a description for both Ryan Bowen, the Captain of Hustle, and Julian Wright, the Giraffe Calf, but the Hornets haven’t resigned Bowen (yet?) for next year, so therefore the Hornets are being represented by JuJu.) Said mW:

“The man is a physical freak; with a wingspan longer than you’d expect, explosive speed, and the intelligence to read opposing players and anticipate their moves, Ju-Ju has quickly become one of the Hornets’ best defenders, while simultaneously snagging steals left and right when he’s not hopping around for boards. He may not have dominated the stat sheet like other rookies last year, but he did a little of everything and was a total hustle player.”

Anyway, he’s up against Damien Wilkins from Seattle/OKC, so go vote for JuJu!

Edited to Add:

1) The Hornets’ schedule is supposedly going to be out tomorrow around noon.

2) If Jannero Pargo signs with the Spurs I will get violent.

That is all.

(Photo credit: Storm Surge Photography)
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20 Responses to “Vote For JuJu!”

  1. Matt-Storm Surge says:

    JUJU for the win!!!! :)

  2. Thanks for hyping this up!

    I had to pass on a great comment left by someone named Grover: “Ju-ju in Chinese is a kids’ euphemism for the “man region”. Based on that alone, I vote Wright.”

    Brilliant!! haha

  3. He’s got the lead so far!

  4. The most recent reports (ie 15 minutes ago) say Pargo won’t be back with New Orleans probably. I’ve been pushing for Hornets not to re-sign him, so I’m pretty happy about this.

  5. Matt-Storm Surge says:

    *steps away from @TH to avoid getting blood on my clothes*

  6. /Grabs Matt as shield, holds in front of ticktock

  7. But even if you DON’T want him back, not the Spurs!!!

    Violent. Seriously, violent.

  8. Matt - Storm Surge says:

    @TH, you havent met me yet, have you? Im not exactly easy to move. I wake up sore from the exertion every morning……

  9. Here’s the thing. If the team plans on keeping Mike James, I agree with atthehive. MJ is just too expensive to put in a track suit and let smile to the fans. A guy makes $6 mil, he’s got to play, and play a lot. And if he does play, with Posey/Ju-Ju off the bench, we don’t need Pargo. Besides, we can always pick up some Summer League 2 guard to fit any need three. Plus, it’s not like CP is begging for rest time.

  10. Matt - Storm Surge says:

    mW: thing about ‘injury’

  11. Matt - Storm Surge says:

    typo: injury

  12. Yup, mW nice point about Posey/Wright. Pargo is an infinitely better defender than James, but our bench figures to be a top-notch defensive unit anyway. Couple that with the fact that Byron Scott likes to play the 2-PG look… Pargo was too weak to guard opposing 2 guards. That left CP3 guarding bigger players like Ginobili, Jamal Crawford, Cuttino Mobley, etc. If anything, this could give CP a lighter workload defensively (which, considering his big minutes, would be a huge plus).

    And re: Mike James injury issues. Before coming to the Hornets, Pargo played 33, 31, 32 and 57 games in his first 4 years. So he’s far from durable. Mike James last 5 years before joining the Hornets: 78, 81, 74, 79, 82.

  13. Matt - Storm Surge says:

    I wasnt worried about James, I was worried about Chris. Pargo could step up when Chris was out.

  14. The fact of the matter is that Pargo is a better player overall than James, we should dump James and give his salary to Pargo because the man has earned a raise. He lit up a lot of teams last year and it was crazy because when he was hot nobody could stop him. People can say he’s not big enough to do this or that but we will not find a perfect bench player that is why they are on the bench but the production he puts up is better than most of those sitting on the bench and we should value that. Also I’m sorry as a white guy I’m proud to have Bowen on our team doing his thing but now that we are a championship contender it’s time to say our goodbyes, we are good enough now that we need someone who can hustle and do something with the ball other than just throw it to the next guy, or shoot jumpers from six feet away from the basket.

  15. I also need to say that we wouldn’t need to use the whole 2 pg routine now that we have Posey to guard scorers such as lebron james and etc, I also think we should get Wright to improve his defense by watching Posey. We could shut down just about anybody at that position, we need Pargo because he gives us a better than average point guard off the bench who can play starting minutes(god forbid he has to do so, good health next year CP). He also gives us a formidable bench with him, Wells, Posey, Wright, and hopefully Armstrong will continue to develop his game this is a dangerous group seriously, so New Orleans I love ya but damn you have to dump some contracts(sorry rasual/ely/james/bowen) and get some money in for the ones who deserve it like JP and maybe another contributor who can rebound the ball off the bench.

  16. For the record, I made it a point to not vote for any Lakers or Celtics on that hustle thing. Also its a tragedy that Ryan Bowen was not mentioned as a wild card at least.

  17. Additionally… If anyone watched some of the summer league games, they saw Ju Ju playing kind of a Point Forward at times. Maybe they had a clue that Pargo may not be back and are looking for Wright to handle some of the Point responsibilities for the reserve squad. I’d be interested to see if they use Wright in that way sometime during the preseason.

  18. Pargo did well for us last season, but we have some pretty substantial contracts we need to address, so I wouldn’t be surprised if he didn’t resign (especially considering the current state of events). From what I remember, Mike James is a solid back-up point, even viable as a starting 1 on other teams. CP is a Beast that can do everything; it’s unfair to compare any other 1 really, so I think our bench is sufficient (a different gameplan will have to be implemented. That means work, Coach Scott). Still a weakness? Most definitely. But not necessarily worse than before. Bonzi should come back (despite playoff woes), and where’s our backup big man?

    And on topic, why is Robin Lopez even mentioned in the hustle tourney? I didn’t know you could qualify with ZERO minutes of playing time. Also fun fact: Brook Lopez is the first result on google for the term ‘Robin Lopez’.

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