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Well Played, T.P.

By on September 30, 2008

nola.com rockin' it in training camp

So if you’ve been on board here since last winter, you know that one of the founding principles of this site is bitching about the Times Picayune and NOLA.com‘s sorely lacking coverage of the Hornets. They spent most of the season on our $#*t List, and we gave them their own tag called “T.P. Watchdog.” Gotta keep the media responsible and buzz-friendly, ya know.

However, I am not above giving props where props are due. And, quite simply, the coverage in the first week of training camp is already at a much higher level than Hornets coverage last season. We’re seeing two articles a day, plus there’s usually also some kind of practice update in the afternoon in the Hornets Beat section of nola.com. If you get the Times Picayune analog print newspaper, you’ve also been seeing some snazzy color pictures. Media Day got the front page (a silly color photo of Tyson Chandler and Chris Paul messing around with a giant Peja head). And all this while the Saints are playing. YES! I know! Football season is actually happening as we speak, and there is a Hornets training camp article in the T.P. And it’s not even about Chris Paul. It’s about, like, Melvin Ely and his multiple injuries.

This is a far cry from last season, when the cover story the day after the 2OT win over Phoenix was Tulane and LSU’s freshman signings for NEXT YEAR. Seriously. College football in February was more interesting than the Hornets on top of the West. The Hornets couldn’t buy coverage on that site, or in the sports section, until close to the playoffs.

Clearly this is a new year. Thus I say: Well played, Times Picayune, so far. Well played indeed.

Dear Mr. West,

By on September 26, 2008


Now my universe is exactly where it’s supposed to be.

David West rocks the hell out of the new home whites at Media Day todayDavid West rocks the hell out of the new home whites at Media Day today

This Upsets my Worldview

By on September 23, 2008

I've had enough of this alternate offseason universe.


In my mind, D-West is, like, this superhero of extreme badassery who possesses special powers that allow him to somehow mentally deflect sweat from his eyes, despite the fact that he shaves his head completely bald and never wears a headband.

Therefore, the pics that accompany this SLAM Q&A with David West disrupt the fabric of my universe in so many ways. That is all.

Tickets to Paradise

By on September 23, 2008

A roundup of all the Hornets ticket info I know:

  • If you sign up for Bee Mail, you will get emailed a link and the password for single game tickets in the pre-sale that starts Wednesday 10/1 at 10:00 AM. This is basically the same format they used for individual playoff tickets. Really, there’s no point in not signing up. They don’t email you a lot, and when they do, it’s usually good stuff. You might get to find out about some promotions before they go on the site (although it’s definitely not as timely or special goodie-filled as the season ticketholder email, which unfortunately mW gets and I don’t).
  • If you don’t have Bee Mail, then general tickets go on sale Saturday 10/4 at 10:00 AM.
  • There will be $8 tickets this year. Obviously for the rows in the way, way top of the upper bowl, but this is still a slight price drop from last year, when the cheapest tickets were $10.
  • Half Season ticket packages are currently on sale. You can pick Plan A or Plan B. I suggest going to the site to check out the breakdown of which games you would be getting with which package.
  • 10 Game packages are also on sale. For more details about these packages, here’s the official page.
  • Of course, you can still buy Full Season tickets if you want to be cool like the other 10,300 people. But not in the lower bowl, as I believe it’s sold out.
  • Additionally, tickets for the two home preseason games are already on sale. That’s Golden State on Sunday, 10/5 at 6:00 PM, and the Pacers on Tuesday, 10/21 at 6:00 PM. We, of course, will be there rocking out in Lower Corner C. You can also trek to Mobile for Hornets/Heat on 10/23.


As a wise man once said…. “Woo!”


By on September 19, 2008

The Return of the Abita!

After long opining about the slow and steady decline, and the eventual death, of Abita beer at the New Orleans Arena during Hornets games, HornetsHype is proud to announce the return of Abita Beer to Hornets games.  Late this morning, a Hornets official confirmed that Abita will return as an official partner of the New Orleans Hornets, and that Abita Beer will be sold at the Arena during games.  Specifics were not available other than to say that patrons would be able to get it.

The return of Abita has been one of this blog’s main unfufilled quests, and we are ecstatic that this day has finally come.  While we reserve the right to keep it on our $h#t List until we see actual proof of our victory, we’re pretty psyched right about now.  So in return for this great honor, we expect all Hornets fans at the games to respond enthusiastically and buy as much Abita Beer as possible!

In case you haven’t caught it yet, Dariusz Ejkiewicz has released his newest Hornets wallpaper. Notably, it features the entire Hornets schedule, as well as all sorts of itty bitty interesting details. I had the 82 Nights of Destruction one on my desktop last season (what can I say? I like happy-Tyson and intense-DWest), and it was truly awesome.

82 Nights of Destruction Wallpaper

82 Nights of Destruction Wallpaper

1600×1200 | 1280×1024 | 1280×800 | 1280×960 | 1024×768

Check out the rest of Dariusz’ portfolio here. And rejoice! Schedule wallpaper means basketball is coming!

We Rock That Look

By on September 16, 2008

Yahoo’s Ball Don’t Lie is doing “The Blog Association,” which takes a team-by-team look at the top NBA blogs. Here’s what they had to say about us:

2. Hornets Hype — OK, so Ticktock6 and mW are a little perturbed, at times, and I’m pretty perturbed that they stole the sportcoat and jeans look that I told everyone to lay off of back in 2001 because I was going to be the one to bring it back.

Either way, they run a great blog, they’ve the right attitude, and the former’s post about Katrina and its aftermath ranks up there with just about the best thing I’ve ever read on any blog, at any time, on any subject.

Also making appearances, naturally, were At the Hive, 247, and our German Hornets friends. Don’t burst my bubble by pointing out there aren’t that many Hornets blogs… just don’t.

Concurrently with seeing ourselves on BDL, I decided to celebrate with an act of startling ineptitude: I (apparently, can’t figure out how the hell else it happened, so it had to have been me) accidentally deleted about 15 comments on the previous two posts. So, if it was your comment, sorry. I think I did it while I was trying to regulate my penis spam.

You Send, I Post

By on September 14, 2008

People have been sending me mad cool stuff from around the internet, and this blog has been out of town (Adirondacks, Gustav, and San Francisco, in that order) for most of the last 3 weeks, so I haven’t had a chance to post it.

  • Stu Holdren from NBA Noise sent me this wild and crazy Toyota Sequoia that’s being auctioned on Ebay. It’s an All Star Game themed car that’s got a mini-replica of the New Orleans All Star court, which is signed by Chris Paul among other super famous NBA names. It’s also got a 32 inch TV and (I missed this the first time around!) is decorated in BASKETBALL. You know, like some cars are made of all leather interior? This one is made of orange basketball. Seriously. Go have a look. And hey, if you’ve got $69,000 kicking around…
  • Cox Sports TV (Ch. 37 in New Orleans) announced that they’ll carry 65 Hornets games. When you add in the previously announced nationally televised games, that’s a total of 78 Hornets games on TV. Which is apparently the most the team has ever had. That’s not counting NBATV games that haven’t been decided yet, either. CST isn’t doing any preseason games, unfortunately. And if you have Direct TV or Charter, you’re still pretty much screwed. OTHERWISE, Matt thinks the TV schedule is hype-worthy. And I agree.
  • New Jordan CP shoes are out in the world… they look a little busier than the first version. Chris Paul was actually wearing them in the photo shoot a couple weeks ago with the new uniforms. (Thanks to Mark for the pics.)
    CP back view

    CP back view

    view of 2009 CP shoe

    2009 CP shoe

    And finally, CP3, LeBron, Deron Williams, Chris Bosh and Dwight Howard eat Wendy’s in a gas station next to, as Chris Paul astutely notes, a rack of Pennzoil and Slim Jims. Hilarity. (Thanks to Ethan for the link. And Chris Bosh for being so awesome as to YouTube stuff like this so we can all giggle over it.)

  • And look, I finally upgraded WordPress, and henceforth my pictures will have cute little captions. Only today they’re not cute because I just got off a plane. And now– I’m out like Darrell Arthur and Mario Chalmers at rookie camp…

Just before the storm, as you may have noticed, the Hornets pumped their roster up to 14 men by signing journeyman, Sean Marks, who is a forward/center standing at 6’10” and weighing 250 lbs. He’s been in the league for nine years with career averages of 3.1 points and 1.9 rebounds in 9.1 minutes per game. He seems like a quality end-of-the-bench guy, even if he doesn’t add dramatically to the talent-level of the team. He played previously with Toronto, Miami, San Antonio and most recently Phoenix.

But no more roster analysis.  There are already a couple of other great Hornets blogs for that. We here are about the flip side of sports.  For example, highlighting those that would Hype the team.  Like, the Honeybees.  The Hornets have also sent their cheerleaders to Europe, where the squad performed in Marseille and Lyon, France to promote the NBA through September 1st. Lucky them. I guess they missed the storm too. Hopefully their homes and families are okay. The little bees have been kind enough to write about their experiences over at hornets.com. There’s more pics there, too.  Check it out.

Gustav update!

Well, we’re back with no damage. I haven’t really seen much damage except lots of tree branches and one downed roof. So I am pleased to report that New Orleans seemed to get out of this fairly unscathed. Unfortunately, last night was about the grossest night ever, as we seem to be on one of the few blocks in the city that doesn’t have power and let me tell you, it is hot. I bleached the fridge in the dark by flashlight last night. And the next door neighbors have a generator that sounds like a small plane taking off. Yeah.

Gustav cats don't need no A/C

Gustav cats don't need no A/C

Left, the HypeCats lounge, oblivious to the fact that the Headquarters is like 100 degrees without A/C. They braved the storm and 5 days alone. They are hardy fluffballs. Lest you worry about their relevance to this blog, be assured that the HypeCats are huge Hornets fans. Indeed they strive to emulate Julian Wright’s energy and bounce in their everyday lives.

Currently reading the NBA internets (has anything happened? I missed it, if it did) while drinking iced coffee in PJ’s on Magazine. Hope everyone in NOLA did OK!

In lieu of actual New Orleans Hornets content, here, have a picture of Chris Paul letting team owner George Shinn wear his gold medal. (What? Did CP3 grow, you ask? No. Shinn is really that short. Seriously. I’ve met him.) Slightly disturbingly this photo shoot took place at the end of last week, when Gustav was heading at New Orleans. Uh, I hope you guys got him out of there. I don’t think I’m exaggerating when I say that he’s one of the city’s greatest assets.

Oh, and this is not related, but I would also like to state for the record that the Oklahoma City Thunder’s name and logo are the stupidest things in the history of stupid.

CP3/G Shinn