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Well Played, T.P.

By on September 30, 2008

nola.com rockin' it in training camp

So if you’ve been on board here since last winter, you know that one of the founding principles of this site is bitching about the Times Picayune and NOLA.com‘s sorely lacking coverage of the Hornets. They spent most of the season on our $#*t List, and we gave them their own tag called “T.P. Watchdog.” Gotta keep the media responsible and buzz-friendly, ya know.

However, I am not above giving props where props are due. And, quite simply, the coverage in the first week of training camp is already at a much higher level than Hornets coverage last season. We’re seeing two articles a day, plus there’s usually also some kind of practice update in the afternoon in the Hornets Beat section of nola.com. If you get the Times Picayune analog print newspaper, you’ve also been seeing some snazzy color pictures. Media Day got the front page (a silly color photo of Tyson Chandler and Chris Paul messing around with a giant Peja head). And all this while the Saints are playing. YES! I know! Football season is actually happening as we speak, and there is a Hornets training camp article in the T.P. And it’s not even about Chris Paul. It’s about, like, Melvin Ely and his multiple injuries.

This is a far cry from last season, when the cover story the day after the 2OT win over Phoenix was Tulane and LSU’s freshman signings for NEXT YEAR. Seriously. College football in February was more interesting than the Hornets on top of the West. The Hornets couldn’t buy coverage on that site, or in the sports section, until close to the playoffs.

Clearly this is a new year. Thus I say: Well played, Times Picayune, so far. Well played indeed.

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9 Responses to “Well Played, T.P.”

  1. Hornets Yoda says, “That’s it, my boy. Let the Abita flow through you!” I say, “Yes master.”

  2. I have a tag on my blog named “Da Paper,” where I usually go after goofs like Stephanie Grace. Slamming the paper is like shooting fish in a barrel, but it’s still important!

  3. Matt - Storm Surge says:

    It -might- come to pass that the List might get shorter this year.

    I say its just time to get enraged about other things :)

  4. @ Y.P.: It’s almost too easy sometimes, isn’t it?

    @ Matt: But then, for every list member who gets removed, there’s always another Kenny Smith/Charles Barkley dumb comment. Or I bet there will be.

    And there is ALWAYS another Rafer Alston running his mouth.

  5. The S*&tlist will never get shorter as long as guys like J.A. Adande are still out there. He, in particular, is a Laker-lover.

  6. Actually, John Hollinger at ESPN just predicted the team would get worse.

    Excellent. Our first catch of the day season.

  7. Hornet-Saint says:

    still waiting for Josh Howard to make the S$^+ list.


    ticktock likes JH and his antics.

  8. Well he wasn’t on it last year because his comments actually were good for the Hornets– they were stomping the Mavs in that series already. And I don’t have a $#*tlist yet this year. I mean, we do, but it’s still on vacation.

    But besides that, I don’t care if Josh Howard insults America. Was he stupid for saying it where it could be taped and spread around, given the chain of stupid things he’s said/done in the past months? Yes. But those people who are saying, “People died for this country, etc.” are forgetting that those people died to protect Josh Howard’s constitutional right to say exactly that. That’s America, baby. So I kind of have no opinion on Josh Howard. Unless he runs his mouth about a Hornet, then it’s on,

  9. Matt - Storm Surge says:

    tt6: let us know when the List is updated. I need to a direction for my rage :)

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