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What’s In YOUR Purple Box?

By on October 22, 2008

A look at the Hornets season tickets, which were packed in a nice fleur-de-lis-covered purple shoebox, and came today via UPS. Also in the box were two lanyards, two clear plastic ticketholders, and one gold Hornets pin. Pretty slick presentation. Last year’s tickets were teal, and this year’s are purple. I bet you can’t wait to see our analysis of whose head on the ticket = the best record. (We take this quite seriously.)

UPDATE: mW would like to state that he takes full credit for the fact that there is no Morris Peterson ticket this year. Now, we love Mo to death. But the fact remains that he was the only Hornet last year for whom the team had a losing record in home games when he was on the ticket (2-3 regular season, 0-1 playoffs). Plus he was on the ticket for Game 7. Sorry, Mo. But you know you can’t fight karma.

Stat of the Night: In 2007-08 the Hornets went a combined 8-0 whenever David West appeared on the ticket.

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10 Responses to “What’s In YOUR Purple Box?”

  1. Matt - Storm Surge says:

    Sweeeeet :)

  2. I got the “sorry I missed you” UPS message…. DAMMIT!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Oh no! I heard UPS knock around 6, and then couldn’t find my keys to get the door. He must’ve heard me rummaging and swearing, because he waited. I knew it was probably the tickets.

  4. NOEngineer says:

    My only minor quibble is that some items are parceled out at LESS than one per seat again this year. Since our little group has 4 season tickets, it would be nice for everyone to be able to have each of the goodies such as a gold pin. I mentioned this in my survey last year, but I don’t have the mightly power of my own blog so apparently someones thrifty instinct won the day. C’est la vie….

  5. Yeah, we were psyched to get two necklaces this year, which we did NOT get last year. But two pins would have also been nice. I mean, there are two of us buying. I guess the way to get around it is have 2 separate accounts. But then you’d have to pay 4 times if you had 4 accounts. It does kind of suck.

  6. Wait, there’s no Tyson?

    Also: that looks awesome. Have you seen the how the Bobcasts packaged their season tix? It’s hilarious.

  7. ATH, some of the tickets have Tyson on them. TickTock just flipped to a page with Coach Scott on them. From flipping through the package yesterday, I wasn’t immediately sure how the team decided which person to put on a ticket… because the first set of images seem to be randomly selected. But it does eventually rotate through a 5-person pattern of Peja-Byron-Chris-David-Tyson (if you ignore the two preseason tickets and the one for the home opener).

    And I looked waaaaay too much into that. So, yeah, Tyson’s in there. That’s all.

  8. NBA.com put up a survey of the best coaches so how the hell is last years coach of the year not on it, the man has taken struggling teams and rebuilt them into powerhouses over and over again. P. Jackson should not even be considered because he won’t coach a team that is struggling, he wants a bunch of all stars before he even considers, wow that ticks me off.

  9. Obviously, Byron is the reigning COY. No one can take that away. To suggest he’s not in the top 2-3 coaches is absurd. That said, Phil Jackson is one of those other 2-3 guys. Let’s be honest, if your name is not Pop, Phil, or Riles, you probably haven’t coached a winner in the last 15 years. I’ve posted about this stat several times. How many combined championships to Kobe, Shaq Michael, and Scottie have without Phil? 1. By Shaq. And who was his coach? Riles.

    But Byron’s one of the guy’s whose been to the big game. Twice. And now he’s posed to make it back. Dammit, he’s so good. And so is this team. 7-0. Good start. I see the regular season starting the same way.

  10. can i buy the box from you? It is a cool box. I live in Florida and can’t really get season tickets.

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