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Hype International

By on November 8, 2008

Not content to convince America that Chris Paul and the rest of Hornets are the greatest thing since electricity, we’re trying to spread the Hype across the world. Or at least linking to those that do. You’ll notice we added an “All Hornets International” blogroll to our sidebar. So far, we’ve found German and Chinese sites dedicated to the Hornets and/or its players. So if anyone else knows any other great international sites dedicated to the same, let us know! We’ll add them to our links.

Also, if any of you can translate any of the languages on these sites for us non-speakers, we’ll be glad to re-post cool excerpts from those sites here, link to the original post, and credit you for the translation! Maybe this will help open an international dialogue about the greatness of our team.

¡Vivan los Hornets!

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3 Responses to “Hype International”

  1. Hornets worldwide!

    Yo, you know you can’t make an awesome new tag like “Worldwide Domination” and not go back and find other posts to tag with it… hmmm… no, no, have other stuff to do today… resist temptation…

  2. Thank you for the linkage :)

  3. Just glad we both love the Hornets!

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