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Survivor: New Orleans Edition

By on November 17, 2008

Okay, the world is full of Survivor fans, and with all the discontent rumbling around the Hornets boards and blogs this seems to be the perfect time to ask the same questions here: who will be voted off the team? Should Posey replace Mo in the starting line-up? Should Peja be traded? Has Hilton progressed enough, and it seems like Mike James must be headed off the island right? What does the tribal council say?

Trick question. No one gets voted off. The starting line-up doesn’t change. This isn’t some anti-progressive Darwinian experiment where we encourage individuals to scratch and claw their way to the top no matter who they have to go through to get it. This isn’t some pseudo-free market rampage where top dollar rules all and you’d sell your mother to get your green. Those values are drama-driven and artificial cultural constructs, no matter how much we represent them as “natural.” Humans are creatures of collaboration. Our success is tied to our ability to work together efficiently. As the nineties’ Bulls. Ask the Spurs teams of the last ten years.

The Hornets are a team. When asked this year what the Celtics’ greatest asset was last year, Paul Pierce answered immediately: chemistry. Ask me why the Hornets were so great last year and will be this year? Chemistry. These guys know each other, work together well, and actually like each other. Do you really think CP starts yelling at Peja in practice for not hitting his shots in the game and then goes and yells at Jeff Bower for not trading him? No way. You think TC is telling Hilton he should stop trying to implement a spin and shoot move into his offensive arsenal, and calling George Shinn to figure out why his fourth year option was picked up, or is helping him work on that shot?

Too much of our culture is pessimistic, celebrating the demise of others. Misery loves company and all that. Or more accurately, they’re more miserable than me so I must be happy. Sorry not here. We’re all about the Hype. Basketball is a long season. We can’t just decry every missed shot and badly played game. Should we be disappointed? Sure. Despair? No way. Peja can miss every shot all game and I still have no problem with him taking a fadeway hand-in-your-face three at the buzzer. Our backups are progressing, and have done some things well some games, and other things well in other games. Give it all time to gel. The Bees could be ten games back from the 8th seed with ten games to go and I’d believe they could make it. So should you.

More importantly, despite their slow start, I believe they will win the division and be a top 3 seed. So should you.

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8 Responses to “Survivor: New Orleans Edition”

  1. … I actually believe CP yells at David West a good deal, however.

  2. Matt-Storm Surge says:

    Ich bin pwned.

  3. I with pargo didn’t get voted off. :/

  4. mW, you’re my kind of fan

  5. Gotta trade Peja’a for Marion and win and become a dynstasty

  6. @ KUhle1982, I’ll just go right ahead and assume that was sarcasm. Seriously, I would shoot myself if we picked up Marion. He has the ugliest shot in the game. I can never fathom how the man makes a 5′ shot, let alone a 3-pointer.

  7. NOEngineer says:

    I really believe that Byron is trying to win each game by a few points while he puts our bench players in situations that are designed to both test and harden them. Unfortunately, the things we are all counting on to pull out those close victories (crisp ball handling and even shooting % with the opponent especially from 3-point distance) have not happened in 4 of the games. Atlanta, LA, and Houston all had freak games from an unexpected source (I forget, Derek Fisher, and Von Wafer) that upset that balance. We just sucked against the Charlatans.

    Remember that our goal is to win the championship. In my opinion, home court advantage is worth less than a capable and confident bench. I see the confidence level improving faster than the capability, but they are both improving over last year. The unfortunate exception that requires Byron to put forth clumsy line-ups seems to be Mike James. He hasn’t shown me the ability to see anyone else on the court (opponents or team-mates). If we had a semi-penetrating guard with decent vision (imagine Chris Paul wearing only one shoe and an eye patch), our second unit would blossom. Pargo was never that guy, but neither are Mike, Mo, Devin (Brown), or JuJu. The ball just rings around the 3-point line waiting for the shot clock to start sinking.

    Unrelated rants: I am sick of lazy passing by DW and Peja. Just because your shot isn’t there, don’t end the possession by gifting the other team a steal-n-slam. Hilton, please take up juggling. A basketall,, a tennis ball, and a softball. No chainsaws….. Posey, thanks.

  8. @ NOEngineer: Byron certainly is trying to figure out how to make the second unit more productive. And while James was a disappointment, I wouldn’t sell Brown short just yet. I’ve been impressed by what I’ve seen from him, and once he gets a few more games playing with Ju-Ju, Pose, Bulter, and Hilt, I think we’ll see a more productive second unit.

    Think of our point guard situation like the way football receivers have to adapt to a back-up quarterback who has a different throwing arm than the starter. In the football situation, a righty throws the ball with an opposite spin from a lefty, so it can be a little tricky to adapt to catching the different passes. So try to imagine being in an offense that is predicated on 1 guard penetration and finally grasping the Chaos that CP brings, where you should be spaced on the flloor, and when and where you should cut, only to then turn around and to try and figure out what a back-up point guard will do which is inevitably different and then you’re suddenly out of sync. It’s like a sudden lefty spin on the ball.

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