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By on November 21, 2008

For acts of rampant douchebaggery and ignorance perpetuated by the Oklahoma City media last season against the city of New Orleans,

And in consideration for me having to look at that generic H logo from OKC last season after the Hornets came back, when the Fleur de Bee was 100 times cooler,

And in solidarity with our SuperSonics brethren, with whom we empathize, being subject to certain speculations as a city ourselves in recent months,

And seeing as the Hornets play the Oklahoma City Really Lame Names tonight,

I present for your amusement the following sites:

Curse the Thunder – Click to curse the Oklahoma City Thunder! For all time!

Kevin Durant’s Get the Hell Out of OKC Countdown – It’s just a big clock. That counts down.

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18 Responses to “OK-Who?”

  1. While I acknowledge the part of the OKC situation that TT6 is raging against, I’d like also to present the flipside of the coin. When the Hornets desperately needed a home after Katrina, Oklahoma City helped us out. When a lot of players and coaches were battling personal demons and depression, the people of OKC were wholly supportive. Personally, I’m grateful for that. So some people wanted them back in OKC permanently. Whatever. Some people think the Cavs will make the Finals this year. Fishes don’t make wishes.

    As this morning’s Times Pic pointed out, there are still a lot of Hornets fans in OKC, many of whom will be conflicted tonight. And let’s be honest, they owe the Hornets as much as we owe them. No way they would have landed the Sonics without us being there for two years and showing the country that they could support an NBA team.

    I’ve been around, I know there is a lot of bitterness regarding their efforts to “steal” our team. But facts are facts. George Shinn was never not coming back to New Orleans. That’s all that mattered. Let a few a-holes in OKC say what they will. Most of the people up there were awesome, and I, for one, am thankful.

  2. Matt-Storm Surge says:


  3. haterade

    It’s the fact that some of those articles I read last year were so full of stereotypes and misrepresentations. (“Downtown New Orleans, that sad empty floodplain…” WTF. Have you been here ever?) The OKC newspaper made the city look like a bunch of a-holes salivating over the team THEY wanted. Wah wah wah. And then every time another stupid attendance article came out, they would go and write another one saying, “SEE? EVERYONE AGREES WITH US!”

    So on the one hand I realize it’s not the people’s fault if their newspaper is written by idiots, but on the other hand, it does sort of reflect on them that those people are allowed to write like idiots. And now some of them aren’t happy with the Sonics because they wanted our team. Boo frickin hoo.

    Oh, and that lady who sat at the bottom of our section and made her annoying loud yodeling noise drove me up the wall. Am I allowed to say that, now that she’s gone? That felt good.

  4. You should’ve been downwind of the yodel lady. I was on the other side of the Hive and I felt like she was yelling into my ear.

  5. While I appreciated the Yodel Lady’s effort to get down to games in Nola, I hated that fucking yodelling.

  6. Notice mW being all nice. Perhaps he feels karma will come back and bite us in the ass for saying bad things about OKC before games.

    I thought about that.

    Then I decided all my good luck things haven’t worked, so why would bad luck things work? I shall sit back and be free… and the Hornets can suck or not suck. Nope, it’s not on me! YOU HEAR ME, HORNETS! I DON’T CARE ANYMORE!

    But. I also agree that all fans who are good fans have the right to root for whatever team they like, and go them.

  7. Matt-Storm Surge says:

    Do you REALLY want to be judged by the TP?

    Think about that for a micro-second…..*shiver*

  8. Okay, so I was surfing the OKC sites, and was over at the Blue Blitz blog, and was going to post the following quasi-supporting comment when they suggested a blowout tonight:

    Don’t be sure about the blowout. The Hornets have really struggled lately. It should be interesting to see what the score is by the mid-third and who people are cheering for then…

    But then that site told me I got their “security code” wrong like 18 times. I couldn’t post. Fuck the Thunder.

  9. On the other hand, Bend It Like Bennett gave me no troubles whatsoever. Humpf.

  10. As to the game, I’m okay with Rasual going 1-4 on the offensive end to start, as he has 3 rebounds and a lot of hustle plays on the D-side.

  11. To recap the night’s events so far: Bees by 21 at half, the Jazz lost (because they suck), the Knicks traded their whole team (and Jalen Rose swears this will enable them to land Lebron and Bosh in ’10), Karma shafted the Raps (Vince Carter should die), and Dallas-Memphis has actually become an important battle in the division (for last place, that is). Oh yeah. And Hilton rocks.

  12. Matt - Storm Surge says:

    by 25

  13. @ mW ……. I am impressed solid mud slinging on other teams. I Love it!

  14. I only remember 2 turnovers from HIlton last night, an offensive foul and a bad pass in garbage time. He looked great by the way (against the Thunder). The boxscore gives him three turnovers!!! I think they spot him a turnover when he comes into the game. He hustled out there though. He looked pretty decisive. Keep it going Mr. Flintstone! Yabba Dabba Dooooo~!

  15. Hilton looked better than Tyson last night. :-/

    Where are you, big man??

  16. @ TT6: repairing ceiling fans.

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