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In a basement. In our pajamas.

The dreaded moment has come…. dun dun dun. Yes, the Saints are on Monday Night Football tonight the same night the Hornets play in L.A. Now, other cities with more than two professional teams might be used to this kind of thing. But we generally don’t get much overlap between the two. I mean, it’s not that hard to schedule around. But never fear, friends, because the Saints game is at 7:30 and the Hornets, on the West Coast to play the Clippers, don’t tip off till 9:30. So there should be ample time to get to watch both games.

Wait. What?

The Hornets aren’t on CST tonight. The game is not being televised. In fact the entire roadtrip is not being televised, with the exception of Denver on Thanksgiving, which will appear on TNT. Not the Clippers game, not the Portland game on Friday. Looks like Bob and Gil are just not making the trip. And they know how I feel about Brandon Roy too. They know.

I feel completely betrayed right now. Seriously. I had no idea of this travesty until this morning. And it just got worse as I pulled up the schedule and did some investigating into our wasteland week of Televised Nowhere games. Hark, the refreshing stench of someone new being added to The List. CST, it is on.

Or… not.

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9 Responses to “Saints and Hornets Collide in Epic New Orleans Battle– Huh, What??”

  1. But not everybody loses out this week. Consider Bob Licht’s family, who will be able to gaze fondly upon Bob’s spectacular hair across the dinner table on Thursday. Or Gil McGregor’s family, who will be treated to non-stop pun fun all through Thanksgiving.

    “Thanksgiving dinners? More like Thanksgiving WINNERS!”

  2. Matt-Storm Surge says:

    Small consolation. At least I can stay home during an away game for once.

  3. Mike says we should put our ad revenue into League Pass. I’m beginning to agree with him.

  4. Of course, even of we had the League Pass, would it be blacked out because of CST nonetheless? And can we find a bar daring enough to show the game? Hmmm did I just contradict myself? Anyone know if the game is on satellite?

  5. Hornet-Saint says:

    Y’all are just being haters. This is a week that we should be thankful for stuff, and all I hear is “me me me! I want the games!” Well I’ve got news. Let us be thankful for being friends with each other this week, and I present you with a song that is about friends remembering friends (or some shit like that):


    /you should be able to watch on leaguepass

  6. YoungFella says:

    I have league pass and if anybody is interested you can come watch the Hornets/Blazers game in HD at my crib on Friday night. I need to have at least a few people interested though or it won’t be worth it. It will be on for sure because when I got back from the Saints game last night the Clippers game was on in beautiful HD. Was a nice surprise.

    PM me on Hornets Asylum if you guys are up for it – I live in Lower Garden District. Hornet-Saint is interested so you can get in touch with him too.

  7. YoungFella says:

    FWIW – as of last season the only local bar that had League Pass was the Kabby’s sports bar in the Hilton. Most sports bars don’t get League Pass b/c it’s insanely expensive AND you can’t watch the Hornets on it. Plus Kabby’s closes really early so they wouldn’t be open at the end.

  8. Other people’s League Pass…. aaahhhh.

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