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TT6 @ DimeMag.com Today

By on November 24, 2008

I wrote a guest post on being a girl (ha) and how I got into watching the NBA. Leaving a couple of things out, because it’s just a short post. Like how I was already a major hockey fan growing up, so sports weren’t exactly alien to me. But it’s just my funny story on how I went from staring into space at Hornets games to starting this blog, so you all can go check it out. Dime Magazine’s website is one of my daily stops for news and thoughts on what’s going on in the NBA.

(There is already one comment on whether or not I’m hot. LOL. We all know I am the queen of the ambiguous photo.)

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8 Responses to “TT6 @ DimeMag.com Today”

  1. Yeah ur hot 😛 Hot Hornet Queen :] hehe

  2. Every time I take a woman to a hornets game, they always crush over Tyson… It creeps me out a lil bit, but I allow it.

  3. $nave: They are wise.

  4. Matt-Storm Surge says:

    I have unambiguous photos of you… (well not THAT unambiguous I guess).

  5. @ Matt: I was totally at work and stuck with what I had. I like the one you took of me at the draft party thing, actually. I should use that pic.

  6. Matt-Storm Surge says:

    Thats your call, as you well know. Feel free :)

    I was just sayin I have pics of you showing a clearly female figure (although insufficient in a court of law). And if you ever want to totally glam out, you know how to reach me :)

  7. Nice article TT6. As always, your written voice is a good read.

  8. Hornet-Saint says:

    Congrats TT6!

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