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Tyson and Peja are terribly bored

Tyson and Peja are terribly bored. So am I.

Where has the will to blog gone? Come to think of it, where has the team gone?

In case you weren’t aware, despite a worrying start, the Hornets still have the second fewest losses in the West, behind the Lakers. This could possibly have something to do with the fact that, oh I don’t know, they NEVER. FREAKIN’. PLAY. While most teams are up around the 21-22 games played mark, the Hornets have only played seventeen games thus far.

I was reading all this “blah blah why are the Hornets so terrible, they have such a cake schedule” stuff from the national media. But is it really a cake schedule? You have to wonder why the Hornets took so long to look like they were in sync this season. And you have to think the two-games-each-week stretches just might be a factor. (NBA.com: “The Hornets have a strange schedule, almost Euroleague like in its infrequency.” In fact, in games after they had 3+ days off, the Hornets went 4-3 last year. The most egregious example of this was the Game 7 home loss to San Antonio, which came after a random three day break in the middle of a hotly contested playoff series. This year the schedule has included FOUR breaks of 3+ days already. The Hornets are a whopping 1-3 following those breaks. And you know what practically no games in November/December means? Mad back to backs down the playoff stretch. So yeah, thanks, schedule makers. Really appreciate that.

So. To sum up, last night I fell asleep watching Rockets/Grizzlies. Someone please put out an APB.

LOST: One Southwest Division champion. Last seen wearing teal. If spotted, please return to New Orleans Arena, Girod Street, New Orleans, LA 70113. Come back soon. We miss you.

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