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In a basement. In our pajamas.

… David West Bobblehead Day!

Guys, don’t forget the game tips off at 2:30, which would place the Buzzfest at 1:00. But there are only 8,000 bobbleheads, so you’ve got to cut your free beer festivities short to get one.

In case you didn’t know, I’ve been waiting all year for the D West bobblehead, because my picture in the sidebar isn’t right without him. These bobblehead giveaways are usually a little hectic, but I’m prepared. I’m not big, but I play good positional D, and I can box out. My size allows me to duck through the crowd not unlike Chris Paul. And I know the art of throwing elbows.

But. If it doesn’t have the X tattoo on its left shoulder, I will cry… For three seconds, and then I’ll get out a sharpie.

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11 Responses to “The Day I’ve Been Waiting For”

  1. I see a semblance to Glen ‘Big Baby’ Davis.

  2. It certainly doesn’t look like D West, that’s for sure. I’ve been trying to figure out who it reminds me of…

  3. Okay so I look at nba.com today and they show the allstar voting……….david west is a forward who scores 20 a game and look at the crap that is in front of him(he’s not even on their list) is ridiculous, the fans are not competent enough to handle this and it should no longer even be up to a vote. Lets be honest how the hell is Yi in the list, it’s because he’s chinese and a very small percentage of china voted for him. We need people who are actually watching the game to vote because otherwise players from bigger venues will always be voted in. The west is filled with l.a. and texas players even though they are not as good as other players, therefore from this year forward players who’ve been injury plagued will get more votes just because they are from texas(THAT MEANS YOU MCGRADY).

  4. Yeah, it’s such a neutral face. My opinion, at least he looks more human than caricature, a la the other bobs.

    Better get that Sharpie ready.

  5. David West’s bobblehead jinxed him hopefully we won’t need him today

  6. The bobblehead, while not looking like DX is sweet. And so far the guys have stepped up in he absence.

  7. um I wouldn’t call a three point win over the second worst team in the east stepping up but it did get the ol’ adrenaline rushing. That game was depressing everyone kept getting injured and when I think it was diener rushed Paul and his started to limp abit I was ready to snap.

  8. YoungFella says:

    The Pacers are definitely not the 2nd worst team in the east. They are a good young team who will definitely be in the playoffs next season. It was impressive that we beat them without West and with Byron’s idiotic rotations.

    I got no bobblehead again. How early exactly do you have to get there to get one? It seems insane.

  9. I was in the huge ass line when the doors opened at 1:30. I saw people coming in with them for the next 20-ish minutes, but I bet they went fast. Last time I was in line at 6 for the 7:00 start.

    Pacers are a deceptively good team for their record. Just young and stuff. They’re the under .500 team with the most wins over legit teams– Lakers, Celtics, Rockets, Piston, Suns.

  10. I got to the hive at 1:40ish and got one. 10 west bound was a brutal nightmare and delayed me for 30 minutes. I was really, really worried about getting sold out of a bobblehead again.

  11. Um…okay guess my internet sucks cause my post did not post…..anywho long story short pacers are statistically(wins/losses) second worst team in east is what I was saying and if they keep playing the way they have they will stay the second worst team in the east. There are a lot of teams with great players that should be better than they are but as you can see this isn’t like the days when kids would get nba live and fill their roster with superstars there is a middle ground where too many starts taking away from a teams strength. Then you add in injuries and things like that, I mean hell I thought the clippers were gonna be good this year with Davis, Kaman, Camby, and….Davis(the other one) those are good players but I guess you never know what’s gonna happen……..Oh yeah and my complaint of the day HAVEN’T WE HEARD ENOUGH ABOUT BRYANTS DAMN DISLOCATED FINGER YOU HAD THE WHOLE SEASON TO FIX IT YOU JACKASS QUIT BITCHIN’ OR I SWEAR I’LL DRIVE TO THE STAPLES CENTER AND HACK THAT DAMN THING OFF GEEZ ALL SUMMER LONG I HAVE TO WATCH CRAP ABOUT HOW HE DECIDED NOT TO FIX IT AND IT TOOK UNTIL JANUARY TO HEAR ABOUT THAT DAMN THING AGAIN I MEAN REALLY IF HE’S SO TOUGH FOR DEALING WITH IT WHY DOES HE MENTION IT WHEN HE STRUGGLES AS SOME SORT OF EXCUSE AHHHHHHHHH!!!!! and that concludes my complaint for the day

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