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By on January 22, 2009

But this time, it’s a good thing!

Chris Paul is an All Star starter. Thank you, David Stern. Thank you. And yes, I am thanking David Stern. You cannot tell me CP made up 158,000 votes, or whatever it was the last time we saw the numbers, in like a week. The more everyone cried out that McGrady starting the All Star Game over him was utterly indefensible, the wider the gap grew. So you can’t tell me that the trend suddenly, magically reversed just like that. I flat out won’t believe it. And yet, they’re saying Chris got 1.1 million votes in the last two weeks!

But hey, it’s totally like the Shaq Scrabble ad. “How did you…?”

“Don’t worry about it.”

It’s all good, Mr. Stern. We won’t. CONGRATULATIONS, CHRIS!!

Update: Hornets 247 disagrees. But then, that’s the difference between us and 247. Next thing you know, they’re going to be trying to tell us The X-Files wasn’t a documentary about the 1990s…

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19 Responses to “THE FIX IS IN”

  1. saltandcarbon says:

    The NBA: where “we don’t wanna look so freakin’ dumb as to have the (potential) MVP not voted into a starting All-Star spot” happens.

  2. The Stern Button fixes all! I will tell myself that the general public came to their senses and voted tor the best point guard in the game today and ignore that Tracy was even ahead. Forget, hornet nation, forget…. *whirrrrrrrr, generic hypnotic wheel noise*

  3. There were 1,813,829 Chinese votes, per Yiyiyi’s outcome. Yao deserves his votes. Yiyiyi does not.

    Thank you Stern Button for getting it right this time. Now you gotta do something about Marcus Camby. He deserves something for trying on a poo team.

  4. Actually, it would’ve been funny if the NBA deducted T-Mac’s points, just because of his lack of desire to honor the All*Star game.

  5. This is a sign of things to come. Stern sees the value of CP3. What more, as Hornets fans, could we ask?

  6. ahah good, I’m not the only that thought that when I saw the results. I mean… seriously, a million votes? Now if only we could get some fixing going on for games that count…

  7. @ atthehive: didn’t you see games 5 and 7 of last season’s playoff series against the Spurs? Or the 37 steps Lebron took last year at the buzzer en route to beating the Wizards (with the and 1)? Ah, just kidding.


  8. David Stern is moving to nola.

  9. Ok so you mean to tell me CP3 couldn’t make up more votes in paper ballots than Tracy McGrady? China doesn’t get paper ballots. They couldn’t vote for Tracy. Nobody in their right mind with a paper ballot would vote McGrady over CP3. When the paper balloting ended on 1/11, CP had more. He didn’t make up 1 mil votes in a week. The last results the public viewed was on 1/8. So after the paper ballots were tallied, sometime after 1/11 and the public still had 8 more days after that continue voting online, it’s not hard to see CP getting 1mil more votes. If China had paper ballots McGrady would’ve beaten CP3 and every other Rocket would’ve been on the roster.

  10. LMAO at CP3’s own so-called fan base lending a hand in trying to tarnish his ASG starting nod. I’m glad people outside of New Orleans that thought he should be starting alongside Kobe in the ASG voted for him. Lots of people in every forum that I go to had Kobe and CP3 as their starters. They probably used their paper ballots the right way.

  11. Was the fix in for Tim Duncan’s extra 1 million votes too?

  12. CP3’s runner up MVP votes were in thanks to Stern too I guess. So were his last season’s All-NBA Team votes.

  13. Mo you are a skeptic. So just for you I have thought up an alternative explanation: Chris is so crafty he stole the starting ASG nod!

  14. I think someone missed the point.

  15. honestly…..
    i think they fixed it…
    but….kudos to Chris Paul regardless

  16. Gilbert Arenas made up a 213,000 vote lead of that chump Vince Carter…..so you might as well call this as the good guys winning…..no fixin’

  17. mW, my head hurts from the sheer corniness from that statement. Hahaha. Let’s see if he’s good enough to steal the Larry O’Brien.

    You guys think Deron Williams is gonna make it this year?

  18. He certainly doesn’t deserve it.

  19. […] *The Fix Is In: Ticktock6 from Hornets Hype is GLAD (like the rest of us) that Chris Paul is a starter for the All-Star game. But how in the hell did he get more than a million votes over the last two weeks?! […]

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