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He Camp, He Shoot!

By on January 26, 2009

So I know Chris Paul had a triple double and 7 steals, but that totally happened last week too, so I hope you don’t mind if I skip it.

The Hornets had a 69-63 lead after the third quarter. Then, to open the fourth, Peja hit a three. Yes, yes, whatever. Then he came down and hit another one. Okay. He proceeded to score 15 straight points on five straight threes. When I say straight points, I mean, he scored all the teams’ points. This occurred on six possessions. A dramatization: “Pejjjjjjaaaaa for threeeeeee!” [something happens on Sixers’ end] “Ppppppejaaaaa for threeeee!” [a Sixer probably misses a free throw– this is just a dramatization but they missed a lot, so why not?] “Pppejjaaaaa! For threeeeeeeeeeee!” [Hornets get rebound, crowd thinks, ‘Oh come on, that’s just cold, I’m cringing, you don’t have to–] “Peja for three!” [Oh, fuck it.]

So here’s the crazy part. He hit all five from THE EXACT SAME SPOT ON THE FLOOR. Now, you might say I am exaggerating. Okay, fine. You might be right. The last one was slightly to the left. Check out the shot chart. He even got a nice little swagger dance going toward the end, and good-naturedly laughed off the sixth three that was called off because of the shot clock… but not before the arena had absolutely exploded.

A HornetsHype conversation (TM)

TT6: (reading recap) The Hornets are 23-7 when Peja scores double digits, but only 4-7 when he doesn’t.

mW: (snort) Yeah, and they’re 11-1 when I scratch my nose in the third quarter.

TT6: But they’re 7-2 when I wear my Posey jersey. [Note: This is a fact. And! Now they’re 1-0 when Hilton Armstrong wears tall socks. SOMETIMES STATS HAVE MEANING. SEE?]

And one final note… who was watching at the very end of the game? Am I imagining this, or did Andre Miller intentionally foul Rasual Butler so everyone could get free Popeyes? He’s officially my new NBA hero. No, seriously. Here’s the situation: the Hornets have 99 points and a double digit lead, and the crowd is yelling. Whatever, we’re kind of new to the “Free fast food if they score 100 points” thing, because they didn’t have it before this season. And double whatever, because I was not aware before this season that Popeyes even had a chicken wrap to get a free one of… I mean, frankly, that’s a little healthier than what I want when I head to Popeyes, ya know what I’m saying? I want like a twelve piece spicy box with biscuits and Cajun rice… But I digress.

So Chris Paul gets a rebound with 24 seconds left in the fourth quarter, which gives him the triple double. Everyone cheers, but he heads up the court and decides to do the polite thing and dribble it out. Then, with 2.2 seconds left, Rasual Butler is half-assedly dribbling over near the Sixers bench, and Andre Miller reaches out and half-assedly hacks him across the wrist. They close up on him, and he’s laughing. Sual hits the free throws. HAHA!

I just gotta conclude that Andre Miller knows about Popeyes. He knows.

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14 Responses to “He Camp, He Shoot!”

  1. Peja was brilliant tonight. All those fools who panicked earlier in the season and said trade him can bite ass.

  2. Just have to add that the Hornets are 27-0 when I tune into the game before tip-off. I live in Cali(2hr difference.) I have to leave work 2 hrs early( 3pm for a 5pm game) to get home in time.

  3. Matt-Storm Surge says:

    I imagine the kids running with the Peja heads lost some weight last night. 😆

  4. Matt-Storm Surge says:

    Oh, and the Hornets havent lost a single game while I was at the Arena this season.

  5. You guys have to keep doing these things!!

  6. Matt-Storm Surge says:

    I try! Ill be at the Golden State game Friday. Doing my part…

  7. Actually – I don’t think Andre wanted that foul. They cut to him while Rasual was shooting freethrows and he looked pissed and he said twice to the ref something that looked pretty clearly like “That’s not a foul”.

    Of course, they sixers were whining about fouls all game, so maybe he smacked Rasual to prove what a foul looked like? Or something?

  8. YoungFella says:

    Hey thanks for posting the LSU highlights from Saturday. I wanted to see the Hornets guys at the game – too bad DX couldn’t be there.

  9. Ryan– you think? Then why go near him at all? It looked like one of those lame “I’m fouling you to foul” motions. There was no game-related reason to be doing it, so it was just funny.

  10. I thought that he definitely fouled on purpose, but then had to go through with the complaining to save face.

  11. i was listening to the game on the radio and they mentioned that they thought it looked like miller wanted the ball from rasual to save him having to throw up a shot or something and rasual didnt wana give it up

  12. Only Andre knows. All that matters was what we saw, and for that he is a hero. Dallas had this going on a long time back (used to be Taco Bell Chalupa, then Taco Bell crunchy taco, then Taco Bueno basic taco), but it was, and still is, exciting. Especially with Don Nelson at the helm, we’d get a buck pretty easily. Never did find out if we got/get free food for losing though…

    Your boy Andre probably got some Pop’s too. Hey, ‘free’ is free for millionaires. It’s a recession.

  13. NOEngineer says:

    Hype This!!!!!


    Three key points:
    1) Chris Paul is a GAWD.
    2) Ryan Bowen has the second-highest WP48 on our team. Stop and digest that…..
    3) Our 3 reserve big men have NEGATIVE wins produced, and are all worse than last year by a big margin. Since our two big-man starters are both worse than last year by an even bigger margin, we are very lucky to have the record we currently posess….

  14. Hmmm, it sucks to see Chris Andersen and Brandon Bass doing so well when we are now struggling to get our big men to contribute that much……

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