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Everyday Heroes

By on February 9, 2009

“We have enough in this locker room to get the job done; we just have to find a way to get it done. A lot of us in this locker room, from myself, to Rasual, to Mo Pete, to Ryan Bowen, to Devin Brown, we’ve always heard, ‘You can’t.’ We’re hearing the same thing now, that we can’t get the job done and we don’t have enough. I know for myself and other guys, that just serves as motivation for all of us.”

– Antonio Daniels

The Hornets didn’t have Chris Paul. They didn’t have Tyson Chandler, their starting center and only seven footer, or Morris Peterson, a solid backup who was a starter last season. And, because he was ejected in the 2nd quarter with a Flagrant 2, they didn’t have David West.

Peja didn’t shoot particularly well. Neither did Posey.

So they lost tonight, right?

Nope, and this win was 100% due to a guy who was a constant DNP-CD at the end of last season, and two other guys I have been mercilessly ragging on all year.

You say, “Oh, it was just the T Wolves.” Bullshit. The Wolves should have killed us on size alone with the lineup we rolled out tonight. “Haha, what Hornets bench? It’s an insult to call those guys a bench.” You’re goddamn straight it is. ‘Cause they’re a bunch of warriors. It’s like, don’t even demean them by calling them a bench.

But don’t listen to me. Ask Sean Marks (18-5), Devin Brown (14 pts), and ‘Sual Butler (23-8).

There are wins that have an emotional resonance, like when the Hornets came back to beat the Spurs on the home floor, like they failed to do in Game 7 last May. There are wins that put you on top of the world and make you jump around your living room, like in LA last month. There are wins that stave off the doubts, like the one Friday against the Raptors, and the ones the week both West and Chandler were out. And then there is the rare win that makes you realize it doesn’t matter if your team is built to win a championship or not… the only thing that matters at the end of the night is that you’re thankful these guys are the ones who wear your address on the front of their shirts.

That was this win.

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11 Responses to “Everyday Heroes”

  1. I doubt anyone, anywhere, could have put it better.

  2. That was really a gutsy win, but a lucky one too. Sometimes, though, you need both to regain your confidence and start to once again believe that they can win games on energy and passion alone.

  3. No doubt, we did not have lucky bounces going our way in some of the losses and were definitely due.

  4. What a win huh?………… All this love for Ddub and his a$$ got a Frg2… He’s still badness, I just wish he would control his emotions.. For tonight I hope we can do it… I always have faith, but grizzlies got good young talent… i gota give byesc props we won with the backups bravo good lad BRA-VO!

  5. BScott is no doubt shutting some fans up this week. Great ball movement from the Backup Backups Lineup. We better hope Peja and Sual are on, Hilton discovers some pride in himself, and dare I say, MAYBE if there was a time to just effing start Posey this might be it.

  6. Or Juju. Might give him some confidence to start.

  7. CP might be more effective with his ‘mates standing around (common sense says the spreading of the floor is one of the reasons he’s so great), but we’ll see if our playbook changes a bit when CP comes back; that’s the real tell of how much our game has adapted to opposition. I’m not so worried now that Scott has decided to do something, but let’s wait for a consistent formula.

    And you guys are right on target ’bout JuJu and Hilton lack confidence. I hope it’ll eventually fade, but I don’t think coach Scott’ll have confidence in them if they don’t have confidence in themselves. Young’ns need to believe!

  8. I dunno about starting Pose, he seems to get his power from coming off the bench, kinda like the spurs with Ginobli but who knows…..also I live away and don’t have cable so how did Dwest get suspended?

  9. Ugh. Look at the above post, bottom YouTube video. Flagrant 2 from behind.

  10. Oh okay yeah sorry I have a poor connection right now and can’t watch video otherwise I’d watch the games on my league pass some issue with the local internet company

  11. Well, in that case, he was fouled on the other end, was late coming back, made a bad attempt at swiping the ball away from Mike Miller from behind, and whacked him on the head. And was ejected.

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