Hornets Hype

In a basement. In our pajamas.

It doesn’t really grab offensive rebounds as well as Tyson did, but–

I give up. Fuck you, fuck you, and fuck you.

And the Saints just released Deuce McAllister today too. So while I’m at it, fuck you, Saints. Why wait, when you can combine forces with the Hornets to upset hundreds of thousands of people over the course of two hours?

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40 Responses to “Why, Yes, Hornets Organization, I AM Glad I Paid $1,700 To Watch Cap Space, THANK YOU FOR ASKING”

  1. Chandler: 14.2 PER
    Wilcox: 13.5 PER
    Smith: 13.4 PER

    Three slightly below average big men, and you traded the better fo the two slightly worse, and gained the ability to pick up more talent in the offseason, when Peterson and Peja aren’t hurt. It’s not pretty, and it’ll hurt on the offensive glass, but the hack-a-Chandler strategy could be worse than Shaq or Ben Wallace come a big game when you’re playing pricks like the Spurs, so maybe it’s a blessing.

  2. Of course, can the Hornets still claim they are a contender? No. Unless the Hornets are stockpiling players to trade for the Big JabberwockeeZ, then they suck. Call your ticket rep and complain. I did. Grassroots, baby. Our tickets pay these salaries.

  3. Oh and let’s see, how about at least getting one of their roughly ONE BILLION DRAFT PICKS for our used-to-be-young but now totally over the hill team.

  4. NOEngineer says:

    PER does a poor job of measuring defense. I’ll bet that Tim Duncan, Shaq, Dirk, Yao, and Bynum had bigger games versus Wilcox and Smith than against Tyson. I’m too busy/lazy to check, however.

    Chandler’s numbers are down this year due to injury and probably would have picked up. I don’t know how the other players’ numbers looked last year or years past. Can either player run with Chris Paul?

    In feeble defense of the Hornets, it’s possible they know something more than they are telling about the injuries to Tyson, and that he won’t ever return to his best form. If true, it sucks anyway.

    All that said, I share the sentiment that TT6 so eloquently expressed. I like Tyson, and hope he helps OKC beat everybody else in our division.

  5. When other teams have a much higher salary to pay for the Hornets to break up one of the best parts of our team. We complain about our front court on the bench so we dismantle our frontcourt that starts…..brilliant, hey so what if we had the best team in twenty years last season. I was already pissed about trading Jannero but Tyson……..anyone who has been a Hornets fan since the beginning knows they have a bad history of trading great players for average players, then when those players get good they trade them(larry johnson, alonzo mourning, glen rice, j.r. smith……..sad sad).

  6. Matt-Storm Surge says:

    This should be included in the ledge watch cause now Im there and the ride down is looking appealing…

  7. “Oh and let’s see, how about at least getting one of their roughly ONE BILLION DRAFT PICKS for our used-to-be-young but now totally over the
    hill team.”

    EXACTLY!!! First we sell off our 1st round pick for $3 million bucks because we are “contenders” and can’t have a developing youngster taking up room on the bench, then we add Posey because we are a “contender” and we need big game experience and now 50 games into that we give up on being a contender for a bunch of spare parts and nothing for the future other than “cap space”. Awesome job Bower. Just awesome.

  8. I want to cry.

  9. It makes no sense. You assemble one of the best starting sets in the NBA, lock them into long-term contracts, and then begin to dismantle that young core when it is your reserves that have been inconsistent? This team has about 48 hours to keep us all off the ledge.

  10. They won’t. They’ll fade into mediocrity and Chris Paul is as good as gone.

  11. Matt-Storm Surge says:

    Every drink this MG will include a toast to Tyson Chandler.

  12. Agreed. Also, I type this post in black font as a post of mourning. Jazz funeral for Tyson to follow.

  13. http://www.draftexpress.com/profile/DeVon-Hardin-225/ trying my best to stay positive so who the hell is this kid we got size wise he would be good for us as we needed a bigger guy at the 5 but……never heard of him….I’d say if joe smith was eight years younger this would be alright but……yeah this sucks

  14. R.I.P. Crescent City Connection.

    Undoubtably, another variation will attempt to be hoisted upon us. But it will never be the same.

  15. Matt-Storm Surge says:

    So whats next? Trading CP3 for Jason Kidd and somebody?


  16. YoungFella says:

    I just want to say to all the people who are trying to make lemonade out of this trade: Please stop.

    If you think this “wasn’t that bad” or even that the Hornets “got better offensively” while “clearing cap space” than you A) don’t grasp basketball and B) are missing the point.

    Tyson is a defensive force. Even this year during his so-called “down season”. How 30 games makes for a “down season” is beyond me by the way. His wingspan, his running ability, his attitude, his youth, his big game experience, his ability to guard Dwight Howard and Shaq 1-on-1, his presence in the paint that prevented 1’s and 2’s from even thinking about driving in and trying to lob up a floater….. NONE of these things are measured by your bullshit stats.

    Tyson is a top 5 center in the NBA when you factor in his age, his fair compensation, his attitude and locker room presence, and his monster D.

    We just gave him away and Bower the Retarded Walrus wasn’t even able to pry 1 fucking first round pick from OKC’s loaded revolver of 5.

    Fuck me. I went from being one of the biggest Hornets fans to being incredibly pissed off and disillusioned. And what makes this worse is that my Hornets rep emailed me back and actually tried to sell me on the fact that the Hornets have “coveted Smith for a long time”.

    LOLZ / fuck.

  17. YoungFella says:

    Also – I just wanted to say that this trade does not “fix” the Hornets salary crunch. Not even close. We still have ZERO move to make any meaningful additions this coming offseason. Like, say…. A FUCKING CENTER that we no instantly are in DIRE NEED of.

    The problem was the contracts of Peja, MoPete, Posey, and Daniels. Not Chandler who is arguably UNDERPAID. He’s just the only guy who was trade-able. So we dumped him.

    The Hornets are worse off now than they were 1 year ago, and when we are knocked out in the 1st round by the Lakers/Spurs/Blazers/Rockets we will be way worse off next year than we are now.

  18. I’m with Youngfella.

    P.S. the floor is open for protest ideas.

  19. Also if your just trading Chandler for cap space and nothing else then fucking get a 30 game rental out of what used to be Rasheed fucking Wallace and whatever spare parts are on the Pistons bench.

  20. Matt-Storm Surge says:

    mW, wait until the deadline passes. Give Bower a chance in the next 2 days to show is isnt the biggest fucktard in the city of New Orleans and we know that makes him Rex Fucktard.

  21. “my Hornets rep emailed me back and actually tried to sell me on the fact that the Hornets have coveted Smith for a long time.”

    Hahahaha… oh man, I really hate Jeff Bower now.

    Can this suck any more?

  22. HornetsBuzz says:

    Click on the link below to listen to Hornet’s GM Jeff Bower discuss the trade with OKC Thunder http://www.nba.com/hornets/news/audio_gallery.html

  23. It clearly sucks of course but in sports it’s better to try to be positive, as I’ve said I have lived through the Hornets trading every big name star that has come through and thankfully it’s not CP. I used to tell all my friends how much it sucked every time we got a good player we’d trade him for some crap, then the crap would get good and we wouldn’t want them anymore….weird. Lets give this a week and see how it pans out while I was only fortunate to go to one game with CP and TC(three alley oops that game vs clips) it is not the first decision that has seemed bad this team has made. Another thing why would we get rid of Posey…..just got Posey….I seriously wish they’d consider getting Pargo back his percentages weren’t great but he was pretty clutch and when Paul was off his game Pargo always was…..alright so what are the chances of that happening. Alls I’m saying is be glad West and Paul are still here with that to build off of I think we will be in good shape.

    I loved Chandlers defense but he couldn’t really create for himself offensively and he is tall but his lack of weight for his position often had him being pushed around by larger centers in the post…..all I’m saying but …..well there is no but it sucks maybe I’m just fighting the hurt by living in denial but who knows we might come out on top with this deal(and no offense to posey but I’d have chose to keep Chandler over picking up an aging James Posey…..)

  24. On a funny note nba.com states that oklahoma city is closer to a playoff berth……….13/40 how much closer can you come than that…….really nba.com you disappoint me

  25. I guess it might be the “Armstrong Era” I wish that they would get dennis rodman to give him a few pointers on rebonding.

  26. Hornet-Saint says:

    How the hell are they going to sell tickets now? I can’t wait to see the marketing campaign.

  27. I’d like to say F*ck John DeShazier too now that I think about it. LMAO!

  28. F*ck John DeShazier!!!

    I’m totally on board with that.

  29. Hilton era? We thought so. But Marks got the start. Although, he has looked good so far. I’m also not enthused by the marketing spin that Youngfella alluded to above, that this trade “bettered our depth.” Obviously. We got three guys for one, of course we’re more deep. But are we better? No.

  30. YoungFella says:

    DeShazier was anti-Chandler from the start. I’d love to dig up my email to him after he criticized the trade. If there’s any interest I’ll post it.

  31. YoungFella says:

    Wait, on further review DeShazier is actually the ONLY member of the local media who is calling this trade what it is – a salary dump.

    I know he’s been wrong in the past, but he’s on the money here.

  32. Hmmmm…I thought, what does a guy who hates all athletes write about this situation, when all fans hate it? I figured he’d rip on the fans. Bummer. I was so looking forward to being right. But if you have an old email, dig it up. We’ll print it. We hate him (professionally speaking).

  33. Wow! Love the new look

  34. HornetsPoet says:

    The all-time record for overreaction has just been broken in this blog. Someone from Guinness will be stopping by later to take pictures and hand you your certificate.

  35. HornetsPoet: you are hereby stripped of your name. You have no right to post on this site under that name. Don’t be an ass to people who are upset.

  36. Um, we are having some drinks. And Tyson Chandler was my favorite player. We do not claim to be objective journalists here.

    P.S. @ At the Hive: Thanks. I’ve been working on it all weekend, and was about to roll it out with more fanfare, but got all into the trade.

  37. But the Hornets pull it out. Thanks guys. Emotionally, we really, really needed this as fans.

    P.S. Jeff Bower, you have 48 hours to make us not hate you…

  38. I guess this is why they were dumping/giving away his jersey with tickets purchased for the Pistons game.

  39. Matt - Storm Surge says:

    I may actually go BUY a Chandler jersey now.

    Very nice redesign, but you understand why I cant really get ga-ga as I would normally right now.

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