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Give it to the Suns.

By on March 27, 2009

The Hornets are a disgrace.  I don’t care that Tyson and Peja are out.  I don’t care that Hilton got injured when the ref (allegedly by accident) tripped him and sprained his ankle.  And I don’t care that our trainers apparently don’t do any exercises that strengthen our players’ ankles.  The Hornets should be deeply embarrassed.  They just lost badly to a team that gave up 140 points to the Clippers and had lost six straight.  And we are a playoff team, let alone a contender?  A joke.  I’m more horrified than the Comedian unable to deal with the biggest joke of all.

Don’t worry.  TT6 will have a new hotness bracket up soon.  At least then we’ll see something tangentially Hornets-related that doesn’t make me want to put my fist through a wall.  As they’re playing now, the Hornets don’t deserve to be in the Playoffs, and fuck it, because Stern wants Shaq in anyway.  So I say, just give it to him and the Suns.  We don’t deserve it.

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7 Responses to “Give it to the Suns.”

  1. Matt - Storm Surge says:


    I blame the Honeybees who bailed on the game watch at the half without flirting with me once.

  2. I hate when the Hornets employees leave those things early. Boo!

  3. @ Matt: those bitches.

    @ ticktock6: it makes me not only embarrassed for this team, but for the organization. Don’t they have someone who is a supervisor to tell them to WATCH THE ENTIRE FUCKING GAME? Isn’t it like their job or something? The did that the only watch party I went to (sales reps, not Honeybees). I hope some Hornets exec read this and gets mortified. Seriously.

  4. Hell no. Don’t give the Suns shit. Even if the Hornets are out after the 1st round, they need to be in there.

  5. We need the gas-powered blender kick starting the Ledge Partay all over again!

    Note to Byron! Hey Coach, next time we don’t have a Hilton or Tyson available for a game, how about play some Ryan Bowen, perhaps in the 3rd when we’re low on energy and getting killed in the lane and can’t find Al Harrington or Duhon across the arc. Please….

    Um, also Coach, can you give Butler some more rest. Play Mo Pete, even give Devin a few minutes, but keep Rasual down around 30-33 minutes. I think he’ll shoot it better, with a bit of rest, down the stretch. Don’t take him for granted, especially with Peja out.

    Good luck, Coach. The guys seem to be in a fog, standing around too much on offense, not taking it to the rim, forgetting that we can make other teams foul us if we play hard. Don’t let ’em get so frustrated and feelin’ sorry for themselves.

  6. Stern sucks.He want OK meet in the first round of playoff.But,Dallas is the first choice ,I can’t understand that old man(Stern).

  7. I couldn’t believe it. And i was rooting against my home team too… *very* embarrassing to lose against the lowly Knicks…:( And it’s so close in the West too!
    They weren’t driving to the hoop, they were listless, they didn’t know what they were doing– only CP seemed into the game but he can’t do everything himself. Why are all our players bricking shots these days?
    And i had a bet that the Hornets would win this game too……
    Ledge party definitely necessary. I hope the Hornets at least put up a good fight against the Spurs today.
    ::intends to watch:: yay for TNT coverage. =)

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