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I present:

List of ESPN Writers Who Did Not Include Chris Paul in Their Top 5 (TOP. FIVE!!! Not three. FIVE.) MVP Ballot

1. J.A. Adande

2. Jon Barry

3. LZ Granderson

4. Chris Sheridan

5. Mark Stein

They polled 18 of their writers. Five out of 18 didn’t even think Chris Paul was in the Top 5. Let that sink in for a minute. That’s 28% of ESPN. Just for some wacky fun, here’s what the Top 10 PER looks like currently:


And yet THE MAN WHO INVENTED THE STAT even put him fourth. WTF!?!$^%@#*&@#$O!! (I’m sorry, I spontaneously died on my keyboard.) You know, I’m over it. I really am. But I guess the question I am really raising, and oddly enough, it’s the same question Kelly Dwyer over at Ball Don’t Lie raised this morning and it is a good one (regardless of what he thinks of the rest of our underachieving team), is why exactly are we going to these people any more as a source for our sports news and commentary?

“Well, what is it about, then? I’ve been obsessing over this game for years … what the hell am I missing? What am I not getting? What is everyone else seeing that I’m not seeing? How could anyone rank Chris Paul out of the top two or three players in this game anymore? Why aren’t these people laughed at when they trot out Kobe or Dwight Howard or … Chauncey Billups?!? … To say that this guy isn’t even in the top five? And these are the people with votes. And these are the people who shape the way you view the game”

There is a point where it just doesn’t make rational sense. And I have pretty much reached it.

So why am I still arguing about it? I don’t know. I’m just sad for Chris. I’m sad on behalf of all the non- die hards who may only watch general sports news outlets like ESPN and therefore don’t know what they’re missing. I’m sad for the city of New Orleans, because just like the rest of us, the adopted son who bears our name on his jersey continues to be an afterthought.

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19 Responses to “Just in Case You Didn’t Feel Like Puking Right Now”

  1. I’m an irrelevant sports blogger (and Jazz fan), so yeah…
    that said, my top 5 is probably something like
    1- D-Wade
    2- CP3
    3- LBJ
    4- Kobe
    5- D-Ho or Chauncey

    I truly believe MVP should be given to someone who has to carry their team. D-Wade & CP3… sorry, but they’ve got almost nothing around them. Kobe has Odom, Bynum & Gasol; LBJ has Mo Will… the teams wouldn’t hit the bottom if they lost Kobe & LBJ. I don’t feel the same about the Heat & Hornets… lose D-Wade or CP3 and they’re in huge trouble. Feel the same way about Deron here… without him, we’re toast, but our record without him this season (helped by playing a weak schedule early) forces me to leave him out of the top 5. D-Ho has quite a bit of talent around him… Chauncey has revitalized the Nuggets to an amazing extent.

  2. They know full damn well Chauncey Billups doesn’t belong in the top 5. They know full damn well. Tony Parker either for that matter. In no particular order, the only guys that should be mentioned as serious MVP candidates are Lebron, CP3, Kobe, Wade and Howard. Nobody else. Nobody else.

  3. Wow, now that I look closer at that PER chart above, the 5 guys I listed are the top 5 in PER. When was the last time a point guard, not to mention one that’s only 6ft tall had a PER of 30?

  4. Mo: The answer is last year, I believe. And it was also Chris Paul.

  5. Nah Chris didn’t hit 30 last year, but he was close – 28.3, which if I’m remembering correctly was actually the highest PER ever posted by a point guard…. not even Magic Johnson posted a number like that! And this year he’ll eclipse it. How can anyone say with a straight face that Paul was an MVP last year but not this year?

  6. @Caleb: OK. I knew he was beating his number from last year, and that it was the best ever.

    The last thing you said is what kills me the most. CP and LBJ looked insane last year and then got better. Kobe’s stats are down across the board, and plays on what EVERYONE says is the deepest team in the league, so why is he even a part of this discussion? Never mind put ahead of Chris Paul.

    I agree with our friend from Utah– I wanna see a guy win who’s just grabbing his team and making them win games.

  7. I’m a friend. I feel loved. :)

    Too me, it’s between Wade & CP3, no doubt.

  8. Reasonable minds differ on who is #1, i.e., who is MVP. But no reasonable person can say Chris Paul is not on the ballot, i.e., somewhere from #1-#5. As we’ve already shown, CP’s year this year is better than Nash’s MVP years and arguably as good as Oscar Robertson’s MVP year, and some of Magic’s MVP years. In other words, among the best point guard seasons EVER. And those are just numbers.

    CP is the undisputed leader of this team, who has brought them along with him this year, willing them to victory after victory. You know, funny how everyone likes to pick on Peja, Tyson, and David, and say they’d be nothing without CP, until MVP talk comes about, and then CP is just one of many talented players on a good squad, a la Kobe. As a bonus, CP has character, and is one of the best-liked players in the League, who also happens to be a force for good in the community.

    No matter your criteria, you are just unreasonable if you don’t at least have Chris Paul on your ballot for MVP.

  9. Matt - Storm Surge says:

    two words:

    Bull and Shit.

  10. I can’t wait for pundits to claim this game proves CP3 is a cut below the other MVP contenders, despite the fact that no one in any way, shape, or form said that about “Viscount James” when his team got drubbed by 30 or so by the Magic, and were down 40 at one point.

  11. What I don’t understand is why they’re giving Chauncey Billups MVP votes when Rasheed Wallace did the exact thing for the Pistons when they won the championship… and Sheed got probably -12 votes. AND Sheed won a chip for them too (in retrospect)!

  12. True, Sheed pushed the Pistons over the edge. But they got him at the trade deadline, right? Hard to measure a season that late.

  13. I suppose so. But on topic, I’m with most of you guys all the way. CP’s impact on this team is far greater than most other players. If anything, his significance is FAR greater than D-I-still-refuse-to-spell-it-correctly-Wayne Wade, team record included.

    You could make a push for Bron Bron (Mo Williams isn’t THAT good, IMO), ManChild (23-8 without Jameer?), and MAYBE Kobe (just because he’s Kobe, despite all the depth of that team), but really? Chauncey, Pierce, Parker? I’d put The Big Fundamental before every one of those players.

  14. sisyphusjns says:

    So, what’s the best scenario for the Hornets tonight. I was trying to work it out, but I’m easily confused. Do the Hornet’s want to throw the game tonight & hope they can get a series against a lame San Antonio. I thought that would be best, but I wasn’t even sure they could hold onto the 6 seed if they lost tonight, so they could give the division to SA & wind up playing Denver

  15. I think we want to win, because we could still be 8th if we don’t. Granted it would take Utah (playing just as crappy as us right now) beating the Lakers, but you don’t know who’s going to play and who’s going to rest at this point in the season. I personally don’t like to count on other teams. I don’t think we’re going to get SA. I think they have to rely on the Blazers losing. Nuggets/Blazers is still a huge game for the high-mid seeds coming up Weds. It will be later than ours, 9:30. We won’t know anything. We gotta just try to win. (But the Hornets may have already secured no lower than 7 if the Jazz lose to the Lakers on the 2nd half of their back to back tonight.)

  16. The problem with this blog is the author is not passionate enough about Chris Paul.

    No, good take on the the way he continually gets overlooked, and if the Hornets lose in the first round of the playoffs, the problem probably will continue.

    Here’s my take on the Hornets’ very real chance to fall to the eighth seed and a matchup with Kobe. I’ve already got this blog linked on my home page.


  17. CP3- He missed 4 games. The Hornets went 2-2, beating TOR & MIN and losing to CHI & @MEM.
    D-Wade has missed 1 game… a L @ BOS. That’s weird, I thought he had missed more.
    The difference between the 2 teams is 7 games, in the Hornets favor.
    Truthfully, it’s probably a toss-up between the 2.

    LBJ doesn’t have the greatest talent, but if nothing else, Mo Will is an All-Star this year (even if it took injuries).
    Kobe is surrounded by talent in Fisher, Odom, Bynum & Gasol.
    D-Ho… the teams implosion late hurts him (same is true for CP3 though). Plus, he plays with Rashard & Hedo & Jameer (when he’s not hurt).
    The thing in Billups favor… pretty much the exact same team last year was horrible. This year, they’re battling for the #2 seed. And I don’t think it’s because of Hit-N-Run.

  18. Best Point Guard in the game- about to lead the leauge in steals and assist for 2 consecutive seasons- no-one has done this, Stockton did but not consecutively…. we just have a hobbled team- better luck next year- Only the, i believe 94-95 Rockets has been the only 6th seed to ever win the title They had two future hall of famers Olojuian and Drexler—-

  19. […] Just In Case You Didn’t Feel Like Puking Now: Sarah from Hornets Hype is disgusted as some of the ESPN writers didn’t have Chris Paul in their Top 5 for MVP. Good thing I do. Or else Sarah will kick me in the nuts. […]

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