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‘Cause here at Hornets Hype we like legal stuff (or, um, to make fun of legal stuff), and we like the Hornets. Rarely do two worlds collide… until today. And, well, you know, we always enjoy hilarity. Check out the following excerpt from a question on a recent bar exam, which features a few familiar characters:

Chris walks into the locker room AND STEALS EVERYTHING!

Chris walks into the locker room AND STEALS EVERYTHING!

I love it. Chris is age 23 (and earning more money than he ever thought possible), and he’s committing burglary and thievery left and right. Sounds like someone we know. And he steals Tyson’s cash and gun out of his locker.

But wait! The (hypothetical) story¬† doesn’t end there!

Chris' spree continues with MURDER

Chris' spree results in Peja's untimely death

Oh no they didn’t! I’m sure we are all very saddened by the unfortunate death of Peja at Chris’ dastardly hands at the Hard Wood Tavern. I guess Peja is easily startled. That Chris. Always stealing stuff and causing heart attacks. HAHA!

Who’s the mysterious “Dana” though? And Chris moving to an out of state location to pursue better employment what? Bitch, please. You’ve been reading the Dallas paper, haven’t you?

P.S. You also spelled “discreetly” wrong. Bar exam fail! Good thing I quit law school, so I can have the free time to skip pleasantly through life bashing others’ spelling and grammar to my heart’s content.

Via this thread at Hornets Report.

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9 Responses to “Hornets + Louisiana State Bar Exam = Hilarity”

  1. That Grief Merchant!!!!!

  2. Grief Merchant… ahahahaha! I forgot about that one. It is awesome. And so appropriate here.

  3. Stefan C says:

    Poor Peja!

    Looks to me like the state of Louisiana is making fun of Peja’s ability to easily get hurt…or die for that matter. And that’s messed up how they just assume that ALL Serbians are alcoholics…. well nevermind. We are :)

  4. Hornets looking much better in San Antonio tonight than they did Monday in Houston. Close game in the second.

  5. And now we lead by 2 at half! Sweet. Off to see if I can find streams for foreign friends. Let us know if you find one!

  6. Sorry kids, no luck on finding a feed, have to go back to the game now. Hornets getting flogged to start third…

  7. Okay. so we lost. Whatever. We get the Nuggets, a team we match up well against, and avoid Rockets, Jazz, and Lakers, all of whom are on the opposite side of the playoff bracket. I’m fine.

  8. sisyphusjns says:

    from a quick reading:
    Chris: Grand Theft – money & Gun, Carrying a weapon during the commission of a felony, resisting an officer w/o violence, Felony murder, (possession of a gun in a bar?) maybe burglary for going in the wrong door, but I don’t think so.
    Dana -obstruction of justice.
    Most of the people taking this exam are too scared to notice spelling errors, they’re more likely freak themselves out thinking that it’s a word they should have learned but didn’t.

  9. Haha, the ‘Peja’ character really takes it over the top. Good times, good times.

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