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Ill-conceived Nike Zoom Kobe IV

Ill-conceived Nike Zoom Kobe IV

OK, these kicks have not been released yet, but the colors do draw the eye, don’t they? What we have here is a pretty nice Hornets shoe, complete with turquoise, purple, and pinstripes. There’s even a little honeycomb texture. If you like to wear shoes to the games that match your gear, like me, you are totally on the lookout for stuff like this.



BUT WAIT. In a nonsensical bit of rubbing-it-in douchery, Nike has released a version of Kobe’s shoe to commemorate the super special occasion of him being drafted by the Hornets… aaaaaand then being instantly traded and never playing a minute for them. Yep, a sneaker in the team colors of a jersey he never wore. With his draft date on the back! Evil. Speaking of which, how come they made it in the newer, more-blue-than-green Hornets colors? Kobe would certainly have never worn the New Orleans version of the colors and pinstripes. He would have worn the old school teal. Baffling.

But you know what? Fortunately, you can totally stil buy this shoe. After all, there aren’t that many turquoise and purple sneakers out there, so it would be a shame to waste this one! For this art project, you will need:

1) 1 pair Nike Zoom Kobe IVs in Hornets colors

2) White out

3) Purple Sharpie

This is a three step project that should be simple even for amateur artists. The end result should be a piece of Hornets gear you will feel proud to wear to a game with your David West jersey.

Step 1: Apply white out to the vertical portion of both 1’s in the number 11. Leave the top and bottom of the numbers. You’ll need those later. Blot out the middle of the 9, and the left lower side of the 6.

Step 2: Using your purple Sharpie, follow the pattern shown in Figure 2, below.

Step 3: Wait for white out and marker to dry. Then wear and enjoy!


FIGURE 2: Now that's a sneaker this franchise can be proud of!

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4 Responses to “Better Living Through White Out”

  1. I never understood this sneaker, considering the ’96 draft was held on June 26th, 1996.

    Although BronBron never played for the Hornets, he did play for a Hornets team (Summit Lake Hornets) during his youth, which also featured similar colours. Nike decided to make a Nike LeBron VI in similar colours.

  2. But he was traded JULY 11, post draft. You’re right. It’s either or. It makes no sense. It would be 7/11, not 6/11.

  3. You’d think a billion-dollar corporation with limitless resources could have done a simple wikipedia search to fix that. Oh well, might just be a sample… or a conspiracy?

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