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Crack. It Kills.

By on May 4, 2009

I’m not sure even how to react to the fact that someone actually wrote an article entitled “Hornets, Pistons win in Chris Paul trade” which begins:

Joe Dumars should go after New Orleans point guard Chris Paul.

It’s not as outrageous as you might think.

Um, except for yes it is.

Just like this was also stupid.

Sigh. Insert joke involving me having ______ (amount A) of ____________ (highly undesirable object B) to sell you if you think for more than 10 seconds about these articles.

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8 Responses to “Crack. It Kills.”

  1. Really?

    This Drew Sharp guy has a column?

    Doesn’t he realize that CP3 is just about the only thing keeping the Hornets relevant/seats filled/contenders?

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  3. Don’t worry guys… Drew Sharp has a reputation in the Detroit media as, stupid, retarded, insane, delusional, etc. Just take your pick. Even 99.9999% of Detroiters know that he’s a joke. The other 0.0001% is Drew Sharp. But only because he cheated and voted three times. Although… he did vote against himself once.

  4. What Tony said…

    The only reason Sharp has a job with the Detroit Free Press is that people get pissed off at his incredibly dumb articles and talk about them, generating buzz, more hits on their website and therefore more $$$. I don’t know of one fan who takes him seriously.

  5. I’m glad most Detroit people are reasonable!

    Because trading Chris Paul would basically be like if you couldn’t afford to buy glasses, so you figured you’d fix the problem by stabbing your eyes out.

    No, really. That’s a great analogy. It would be exactly like that.

  6. lol i love ticktock’s analogy~:D

    and that second article was even more ridiculous than the first one was… :/(a quarter of a way through, i had to close it…it was just way too dumb)

  7. Like I said regarding the Mavericks rumor: yeah, the Pistons are interested. Along with 58 other teams, which span to the NFL, MLB, NHL and, in a strange twist, MLS.

  8. The Hornets were in talks with the Pistons trying to get RIP or Tyshaun. But the Hornets made it clear that Chris and David were the only players that weren’t going to be on the trading block. Everybody else is fair game. But the Hornets would be stupid to trade Chris that would be the death of the Franchise in New Orleans. If Chris is traded it so Shin can get out of New Orleans and take the team to a bigger market. Cause that is the only reason people come to the games in the first place is to see Chris Paul play.

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