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Major style improvements for CP since then

Major style improvements for CP since then

Come see who the Hornets select with their #21 pick tomorrow night at the official draft party. The fun starts at 6 PM at Gordon Biersch. With celebrity appearances by ticktock6, Chris Paul, and Julian Wright. (What? I’m a celebrity appearance. I mean, Chris Paul’s a cool kid and everything, but he’s no ticktock6, am I right?)

Seriously, though, it’s cool that CP’s in town. Hornets Hype is gonna be at this shindig. Because we like hanging out with Hornets fans. And because we want to see how draft night goes down. But most importantly, because I haven’t had Southwest egg rollsĀ  since the season ended. You think maybe they’re free?

Official flyer and info here.

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8 Responses to “Hornets Draft Party at Gordon Biersch”

  1. LMAO @ all these CP3 hatin ass clowns over at Dimemag…

    It’s obvious they failed reading comprehension.


    I need to try to get my ass over to Gordon Biersch tomorrow night.

  2. Ooh, I had to go comment. Go figure, the one day I don’t read Dime Smack they hate on our boy!

  3. Good points made as usual ticktock6.

  4. YoungFella says:

    Odds the Hornets sell pick with CP3 in the house: 0%
    Odds Rob Nice wears a hoodie in June: 66%
    Odds Gordon Biersch doesn’t have sound on their TV’s: 100%

  5. Rob Nice is totally gonna wear a hoodie, even though it is 102 outside.

  6. I agree ticktock6. Let’s see what Tyson has before we toss him away.

  7. GB did have sound on their TVs, though.

  8. And I forgot! … Rob Nice wore a polo, didn’t he?

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