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Because I Say So, That’s Why

By on October 26, 2009

As you all may know, I bestowed upon Marcus Thornton in the 2nd game of the preseason the spontaneous nickname of Lil Buckets. “Lil” ’cause he’s a rookie (Look, is Lil Wayne too good for the “Lil”? No. No, he is not). And “Buckets” ’cause he flat out gets buckets. There’s really not much more to it than that. “Wait,” several people have since asked, “why is he Lil Buckets? Is that something that’s a real nickname, or is it just you?”

Um, yeah. It’s just me. But whatever. At least it’s better than the time Gil (I think? or one of the Hornets radio guys) said, ridiculously yet memorably, that David West’s jumper was soft as a fluffy bunny, and a bunch of people on Hornets 247 started referring to him jokingly as Fluffy. Finally, when asked about it, D West was like, “Yeah, no. You guys are not calling me Fluffy.”

By a stroke of fortune, Marcus Thornton stopped by Hornets.com to do a live chat this afternoon. Naturally, circumstances being what they are, and me being completely incorrigible on this topic, of course I decided I’d ask him. Here’s the result:

Lil Buckets says we can call him Lil Buckets. I win.

Lil Buckets says we can call him Lil Buckets. I win.

So there. What? It’s a live chat with fans and he has to be nice to us for PR purposes? …. Whatever. He had his chance to say he doesn’t wanna be Lil Buckets. Now I’m never letting it go. Hehehe. If only I can come up with something for Darren Collison that matches… hmmm….

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8 Responses to “Because I Say So, That’s Why”

  1. No backsies, Lil Buckets! No backsies! (WIN)

  2. Time to get a wallpaper of Lil Buckets done!

  3. For Collison, I got the name. Tiny Dancer. Got the perfect picture for it too

  4. Mo’ Dimes for Collison?

  5. Buckets and Dimes does have a certain ring to it…..

  6. […] Thorton (swoon!) is officially Lil’ Buckets. Mark it, […]

  7. Sweet!

    And I agree… “Buckets and Dimes,” that’s awesome.


    That is all.

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