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I’m sure some of you remember the infamous Rafer Alston/David West/Chris Paul incident from 2007-08 (Rafer went on national TV the day before the Rockets arrived in New Orleans to play the Hornets and said David West wasn’t a star, the Hornets kicked their butts into next week, and Chris Paul was very, very sarcastic in his postgame comments– actually, it’s by far the rudest I’ve ever seen him in a press conference).

Well, the Hornets play the 3-0 Boston Celtics on Sunday. And, coincidentally or perhaps not, this happened to pop across my Twitter feed last night:

Do they not know that this is dangerous?

Do they not know that this is dangerous?

Look, forget about what Rondo said. I’m sure every point guard– in his own mind, anyway– thinks he’s the greatest. Forget about the fact that he totally has it backwards; put Chris Paul on the Celtics with Pierce, Garnett, and Allen, and they’d win like 75 games, is more like it. The funniest part about this is, I cannot imagine what Perkins was thinking, telling that to a media guy. I mean, what did he think was going to happen there?

This is terrifyingly like poking a dragon with a stick. OK, the Hornets look like a massive work in progress still, while the Celtics already seem to be clicking the best out of the potential title contenders in these early days of the season. So it’s not like we’re expecting a huge victory Sunday, or anything. But the fact remains that you don’t poke a dragon with a stick. It breathes motherfreakin’ fire. It’s not safe. I’m not saying the Hornets are going to come out and win this game, bulletin board material or not. I’m just saying if they do, the Celtics will know who is to blame.

As for the Hornets, I would print this out. I would stick it up on the wall wherever. And I would make certain Chris Paul sees it.

Edited to Add: As I’d hoped, here’s At the Hive with the statistical debunking of Rondo’s statement.

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16 Responses to “And Tonight, in the Role of Rafer Alston… We Have Rajon Rondo”

  1. I know people twittered this story like crazy last night, several referring to @oneandonlycp3 by his Twitter ID. I also saw CP himself on Twitter last night. So you have to believe that he saw the comments from Perk/Rondo. Will be interesting to see how he comes out tomorrow evening.

  2. All CP wants to do is win. Not sure they’ll do it IN Boston but all he wants to do is win. He’s one of the biggest competitors in the league and one of the very few that ever needs motivation. Certainly not this kind of motivation. If Rondo had the ‘ball in his hands all the time’ I’ll bet he still couldn’t get CP’s #’s. Yeah yeah yeah. I know. Give him props for averaging a triple dip in the playoffs going against a rather poor defender in Rose but CP would probably average 18 apg playing with those All-Stars.

  3. That’s what I said too. CP’s assist rate is gonna be CP’s assist rate. It would only go up with those future HOFers to pass to.

    While CP does bring it every game, I don’t know… he always seems to find a way to bring a little something special for opponents who run their mouths.

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  5. No offense, but it’ll be pathetic if Chris Paul only does his best if he’s got this kind of stuff to motivate him.

    Doesn’t matter anyways because the Celtics are going to blow this team out of the TD Garden. You will most likely see a repeat of that playoff game when the Hornets lost by more than 40 points.

  6. We’ll see who’s laughing after the game’s over…Chris Paul can go off all he wants, but he’ll be hard pressed to beat the Cs single-handedly. Rondo’s played him well in the past and he’s playing as good as he ever has RIGHT NOW. He ain’t even worried about giving Paul a little extra motivation.


    Yeah, yawn.

  8. And the winner of the 2008-2009 small penis award goes to… Rajon Rondo!

    Seriously, if you believe you’re the best PG in the world, do you have to insult people… behind their back? Hopefully Rondo will be less passive aggressive in the future.

  9. I love Rondo, and the Celts too (though for deeply personal reasons loathe TD Whatever Arena), but apparently some of his fans are not, well, shall we say the most educated commenters we’ve had on this site. Oh well. Here’s to a good game!

  10. No Alex, obviously you don’t follow Chris Paul much. CP is always motivated. He doesn’t need that kind of bulletin board material. Some other players may, but not CP. I don’t know what Rondo’s problem is. McGregor said they kind of had a few words at the end of the game. Rondo knows he’d be nothing without KG, Pierce and Allen. He hears people say this. I’m sure he’s read these sorts of things. His motivation should be to prove that he can succeed without those guys rather than hate on CP to prove whatever point he’s trying to prove.

  11. Had Bobby not been chucking all night the Hornets could’ve won this game. Thornton would’ve probably hit at least half the shots he took. We also could’ve used just a little bit more from West/Okafor. Also, Mo Pete is currently a shooting guard that CAN’T SHOOT! LMAO. How can you be a shooting guard that can’t shoot? Are you kidding me?

  12. I agree 100% on Bobby Brown. He reined himself in the other night against SAC and looked better. He took 12 shots tonight by the half– 3 times more than ANY OTHER SINGLE PLAYER on the team! Who include 2 All Stars and a former All Star. That’s inexcusable.

    West/Okafor both couldn’t score tonight. I dont know if it was an off night or they aren’t working well together yet. It is kind of frustrating to see flashes of how those 2 and Paul can be great together, and then see them look really bad. But… we knew it would be that way. They just need more practice. We were beaten 56-26 on points in the paint, and the fact that neither West nor Okafor were getting good looks/knocking down shots was a huge part of that.

    This rookies not playing, combined with the Brown Twins, is going to honestly start killing my enjoyment of Hornets basketball. I hate that I feel that way, but it’s a fact.

  13. I guess as a shooter lots of times you feel like those shots are good when they leave your hands but if you’re steadily not hitting them, maybe you should stop taking them. Is that how it should be? Or do they feel if they keep shooting them they’ll eventually start to make them? I don’t know. I do know that I hate being ‘shot out’ of games.

  14. http://sports.espn.go.com/nba/recap?gameId=291101002

    “Rajon has requested you not ask anything about Chris Paul now, tomorrow, or any other time,” Celtics spokesman Jeff Twiss said.

    What a dusche bagel.

    (Oh, you guys might not have seen this. It’s from an unknown–deleted– Celtics troll earlier today. They tried to call Chris Paul… well, see for yourself: http://twitpic.com/nx45m Yes, I am going to continue to find this hilarious probably for the rest of my life… )

  15. dusche bagel… sounds delicious.

    ‘tics spokesman is right though, I applaud the PR department. No need to add fuel to the fire, especially since Rondo isn’t exactly the most eloquent of speakers.

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