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Beware, Phoenix Suns

By on November 18, 2009

And for that matter, New Orleans Hornets too. Last night the arena crowd witnessed its second serious/season-ending injury in as many games, when  Kareem Rush tore his ACL. It was a bit eerie to watch him roll around in pain in almost the same spot Chris Paul was rolling around Friday when he sprained his ankle. Both of them flew up in the air and came down hard.

So you know, guys. Be careful. If this happens again tomorrow night, it will get creepy.


The Hornets floor right now is like the Bermuda Triangle where season dreams go to die

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10 Responses to “Beware, Phoenix Suns”

  1. montaignejns says:

    I loved last night’s game. After such a horrible start to the season for the Hornets I was worried they were fall apart and have a Sacramento-esque season. Last night was reassuring. Even without CP3, and with all the coaching drama, they still have a solid nucleus.

  2. Oh, so heartwarming to see the team play like a team. Even CP seemed to have perked up a little. He even presented Bower with the game ball in the locker room.

  3. TT6: I dont know if it helped, but you never know.

    I loaded the Hornets zippo yesterday. Just sayin…

  4. I wouldn’t read to much into last night. Byrons team that quit on him beat the Clippers two weeks ago by double digits. Now if they beat the suns then we can have a sigh of release.

    We were saying the same thing in our section about that spot on the floor being curse.

  5. Hey ticktock6, I found this little nugget in ESPN’s David Thorpe’s chat. And yet another one….

    Dan (Delray Beach FL)

    When is Chris Paul able to extract himself from New Orleans?

    David Thorpe (12:43 PM)

    I think this is the biggest elephant in the room. He’s the best pg on the planet, and he’s rotting(sort of) in NO.

  6. I still doubt they will beat the Suns. But I love to see the rookies contributing and getting a win. I think their speed and energy can be infectious for the other players out there.

  7. Yeah, yeah, yeah. It was the Clippers but a win is a win. Clippers fans thought sure this would be a gimme for them. The Suns might be too much for them but I’ll be there cheering them on still.

  8. I absolutely love seeing CP3 going straight for the rooks as soon as a timeout is called. They seem to be very interested in learning from him.

  9. “David Thorpe (12:43 PM)

    I think this is the biggest elephant in the room. He’s the best pg on the planet, and he’s rotting(sort of) in NO.”

    You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means. An elephant in the room is an expression meaning no one talks about it. CHRIS PAUL LEAVING NEW ORLEANS IS ALL THE MEDIA HAS TALKED ABOUT EVER SINCE HE’S BECOME GOOD. Especially the last week or so.


  10. Phoenix is beatable. We need Collison to get heavy minutes and harry Nash, while everyone else stays at home on the shooters. The strategy to beat them is the same as beating us when Mo and Peja were bombing 3s and West was his usual 17′-assassin-self: let Paul (here Nash) kill you with penetration and scoring, but don’t collapse on him and let his teammates kill you with open looks. Meanwhile, keep grinding points on your end, and who knows?

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