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Ooh Dem Mardi Gras Jerseys

By on November 18, 2009

Happy Mardi Gras!

Happy Mardi Gras!

The Hornets officially unveiled their Mardi Gras special third jerseys today in a super secret (OK, not really, it was semi-open to the public, just at the inconvenient hour of 3 PM, so I didn’t go) ceremony at Mardi Gras World. So it clashes like crazy and might make your eyes bleed. Everything Mardi Gras related clashes like crazy! It’s all good. I mean, you can’t complain about the colors in this case. The colors are Mardi Gras. I like the NOLA and the patterned sides. The only thing I’m not a fan of is the two-toned front and back. It looks really cool in theory, but the Hornets better not be playing any teams that wear green or purple, because you won’t be able to tell who’s coming or going. Like the 2008 All Star jerseys that looked great until you realized the white/gold of the West looked really similar to the white/silver of the East, and when the players turned around it was impossible to tell which team was which.

And now for some pics from the unveiling, courtesy of Matt a.k.a. Storm Surge Photography. Darren Collison and Julian Wright modeled the jerseys for fans and media. Click the thumbnail to see the large version. Huge thanks to Matt, who attended the event, for sending along the pics.

Darren Collison throws beadsMardi Gras jerseys on actual playersGreen on the back

Modeling!Side detailJuJu and Lil Dimes on the float

Julian WrightMardi Gras IndiansDarren Collison aka Lil Dimes

I bet people will totally pick these up. It’s something you can wear at parades every year. It’s the very definition of “local color.” Check out what UniWatch has to say about the new jerseys (basically that they do so many things wrong, it should be hideous, and yet they like ’em anyway). You can already buy a Chris Paul one, plus matching wristbands, headband, and hat in the Hornets Nest online store. The unis debut on February 5th at home vs. the Sixers.

P.S. Look at the close-up detail on the CP jersey. I just realized the trim that actually looks like a weird checkered pattern is actually BEADS. Now that’s pretty cool.

Chris Paul Mardi Gras swingman

Chris Paul Mardi Gras swingman

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7 Responses to “Ooh Dem Mardi Gras Jerseys”

  1. I picked up a hat and I never pay for hats. They look kinda cool

  2. I just noticed on the Hornets site on the news release that it says these will be worn annually during the Mardi Gras season.

    “New uniforms to be worn annually during Mardi Gras season.”

  3. I’ll wear one but I won’t tell you HOW.

  4. I like ’em. Much nicer than the blah “holiday” jerseys of other teams. I definitely foresee myself getting something from this collection.

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