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The talk on the Twitterator is there might be a deal in the works to send Devin Brown to Minnesota for Jason Hart (who is a non-guaranteed contract and would be waived —–> cap space), or some similar deal possibly involving another team. Update: Or some other Hornet for cap space??

Update Again: Nope, it’s on the T-Wolves website now. Brown for Hart.

Updated Update 12:20 PM: Now it’s gone! The plot thickens!

I think, in honor of this deal, whether it goes down officially or not, we should all compile a list of Things Cap Space Will Do Better/Worse Than Devin Brown.

I’ll start. Cap space will turn the ball over fewer times per game. Who wants to go next? 😛

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28 Responses to “Trade Rumor: Devin Brown to MINN for Cap Space?”

  1. Cap Space would never shoot an airball

  2. lsuhornet17 says:

    Cap Space will not end a 3-on-1 fast break with a charge.

    Cap Space does not OWN the Clippers in ’09-10.

    Cap Space will not be the only Hornet in the intro video NOT wearing a suit, preferring a T-Shirt and backwards hat.

  3. Do you think cap space would pass out of bounds to nobody? I don’t know… cap space isn’t very smart.

  4. Cap space will look less like a Ninja Turtle. Decide for yourself whether this is a positive/negative.

  5. Could the refusal to give MoPete any playing time whatsoever be related to an effort to shop DB23?

  6. No doubt our 2 guard situation is utterly bizarre.

  7. mW: are you suggesting that we spent the months of November and December showcasing Devin Brown as trade bait instead of giving MoPete minutes? I don’t know if I would be impressed or pissed off at Bower.

  8. LMAO! @ “Jamal”..

    Jamal (New Orleans)

    The Hornets are pathetic. Devin Brown is a useful piece and they gave him away for nothing. Any chance CP3 asks for a trade?

    John Hollinger (2:36 PM)

    Devin Brown was the worst starter in the league, I wouldn’t sweat this one. All he was doing was blocking Marcus Thornton and Julian Wright from playing.

  9. montaignejns says:

    I really don’t get Minnesota’s thinking. Why doesn’t Minnesota let the Hornet’s keep Devin Brown & cut Jason Hart’s non guaranteed contract themselves? Hell, with or without Devin Brown, Minnesota couldn’t make the playoff’s in the East, much less the West. However, Devin Brown might be good enough to cost the T’wolves a couple of spots in next years lottery;
    and isn’t Minnesota the team that gets mocked for having too many guards anyway?

  10. NUTS! Whatever does or does not happen in the future, Gerry V says Devin is in the lineup tonight for the Hornets. DAMN YOU MINNESOTA, YOU AND YOUR PRESS RELEASE! Got my hopes up.


  11. Please, please, please let Devin Brown score like 20 plus points. TT6, MAKE IT HAPPEN!

  12. I’m gonna cry. My day has been ruined.

  13. notoriousBEE says:

    I hate to admit it, but DB has grown on me this year. I often cringe when I watch him, but his effort level is one of the highest of the bunch this year. I just hope this means buckets is gonna get A LOT more minutes.

  14. $HITLIST THE TIMBERWOLVES FRONTOFFICE, PLS. They are a Devin Brown trade tease.

  15. Apparently the trade is dead.

    http://twitter.com/JerryZgoda/status/7171379764 (This is Minnesota’s beat writer’s twitter)

    @notoriousBEE I’m sort of conflicted in the same way. Yes, I still love to make Devin Brown jokes, but I do it far less. When he plays within his means he’s been doing all right lately. I still never ever want to see him and the other Brown on the floor at the same time, however.

  16. @ $nave: GOOD idea.

  17. Contract year notoriousBEE. Contract year. He’s been hitting some nice shots this season but I cringe every single time I see him handling the ball or driving to the rim. Cringe.

  18. Now this Minnesota guy says Kahn is saying a trade is likely in the next few hours. Which means someone else called the T-Wolves and offered them something better than Devin Brown for Hart’s non-guaranteed $1M. And they called it off.


  19. Well heck ticktock6, that shouldn’t have been too hard for Kahn to accept. Just about any other offer was probably better than Turtle Boy right? LMAO!

  20. All someone would have to do was offer more money. The deal was Devin Brown + Cash for Jason Hart.

    Basically, the Hornets were getting themselves in position to trade Hilton Armstrong for nothing and to get under the cap. They were going to sweeten the deal with dollars. More dollars from another team, no deal.

  21. notoriousBEE: I actually feel you on that one (gasp!), but that’s like saying Hilton giving his full effort. I applaud them for giving what appears to be their all, but the end result still ends up being relatively lackluster.

    Curiously, Devin Brown is a “regular starter” at veteran’s minimum. So it’s not really such a financial boon, n’est pas?

  22. According to NBATv, Phoenix got Jason Hart from Minny for someone and cash. Ticktock, you just had to spill the beans on the internet regarding how important Devin Brown was for this team, didn’t you? haha

  23. Rumor on the street is that DB23 refused to waive his 10% trade kicker and that’s what killed the deal. First of all, I go back and ask JBower why he gave him a 2nd year player option. Second, why the hell did he give a guy like this a 10% trade kicker. Fuck.

  24. And apparently, according to, I think, the Rockets commentators, Devin Brown said he knew nothing about the trade and the organization said they knew nothing about this trade also.

    If this is true, it’s reminiscent to the Chandler situation. Curious on why our organization can’t say we’re actively shopping. Is Dictator Stern going to fine us, or what?

  25. I have no idea why the Hornets think it’s fun to play “we weren’t shopping anyone” when now everyone knows they were. There’s nothing wrong with just saying it. The Minn GM was texting and communicating things to their beat writer the whole day yesterday, so it’s not for fear of the league. Our team apparently refuses to have that kind of relationship with the media (note the dumb TP “coverup” story that appeared today). I mean, it’s their choice, but it makes them look kind of silly.

    From what I heard, this all went down the night before last, and the rest of the Hornets were surprised when Devin Brown got on the bus for shootaround yesterday morning because they had been under the impression he was gone or shortly to be gone.


    If freakin’ ESPN can give us better information than our own local paper, it’s pathetic. Is the TP afraid the Hornets will lock them out of practice if they don’t spout the line the team told them? Or are they just embarrassed they didn’t cover the story at all until it was over?

  26. Ticktock: LOL at Devin Brown just being on the bus. I can imagine even if he were traded, he’d still be riding the pine.

    Devin Brown doesn’t get traded. Devin Brown trades you.

  27. Apparently some contractual thing that he or his agent refused to waive is responsible, so yes. Devin Brown doesn’t get traded.


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