Hornets Hype

In a basement. In our pajamas.

After that amazing overtime win last night… after winning 8 out of 11 on the road in January… after the way the team came together and showed all that fight… after scrapping and clawing back into a playoff spot…

I give up.


Please feel free to commiserate in the comment thread, and I shall join you when I come down from this ledge. Which may not be … ever.

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20 Responses to “Chris Paul to have surgery, out 1-2 months?”


  2. Fuck the Saints.

    (I’m in that bad a mood.)

  3. I’m not believing until the Hornets have a official release on the subject. Yahoo has lied before.

  4. They mention a 1 to 2 month recovery in the article, so CP3 will be back by March 1. Meanwhile, DC gets to show that last night wasn’t an aberration.

  5. What’d they lie about? I’m pretty sure it’s reliable news, sadly.

  6. Ahh, wow. This is horrid news.

  7. Thats it Fire Tim Floyd.. Again.. and replace him with Chris Paul..

  8. So sad. CP3 is my favorite player. I’m glad that our talented rookies are stepping up.

  9. This is unbelievable. We were just starting to get our groove on. About Yahoo, they didn’t actually lie (on the Devin Brown trade thing) but they did in fact jump the gun before the deal was done and turned out to not go through.

  10. No worries, really because:

    a) he will be out during allstar break, meaning he misses fewer games, and

    b) we have darren collison who has proven he can pwn at will when needed.

    We are past the point where we are CP3-or-nothing. We won when he was out last time.

  11. If I can think of one positive, it’s that Paul will now have ample time to rest and recover before the playoffs (if we can somehow stay afloat).

    At the rate he was going, he would have been lucky to be walking by seasons’ end/

  12. @ Joe

    I cringed when he came back in (twice!!) during OT of the Bulls game. He was limping up the court on one leg. I know he wants to play, and the coaching staff doesn’t like to tell him no, but wow. It was so hard to watch. It’s true that at least now he HAS to sit.

  13. Jae Neville says:

    @ tick tock6

    im with u on that ledge man..aww tha tough wins we’ve been gettin..tha team has improved alot on defense..and now this shit..im a ball boy so i dnt wanna see tha mood in tha locker room 2day when we get tha final word

  14. lsuhornet17 says:

    I just got tickets for the game tonight. I wonder how depressing this place is gonna be. I always look forward to seeing Nash (and seeing CP destroy Nash on the other end of the court). Oh well, trial by fire for both the rooks now, let’s see how they come out of this.

  15. Darren Collison has beaten Steve Nash more times this season than Chris Paul has.


  16. @ ticktock6

    Do you think our “lil guys” can take care of business?

  17. @JCS

    I do indeed call them Lil Buckets and Lil Dimes. What? They’re rookies.

  18. Man its tough to CP3 get injured when we were doing so well. The team has been playing great and coming together. That one inbound pass by David West not only lost us the Bulls game, but hurt our Star player.
    Our rookies our tough though and I have confidence that they will step their games up. Time to step it up. I wish the best for CP3!

  19. notoriousBEE says:

    I blame Devin Brown.

    Such a promising second half of the year and now this…….it’s too much to absorb.

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