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Marcus Thornton gets buckets

Marcus Thornton gets Buckets. And that is why it is his name.

By the end of a scrappily-fought road loss to the Cavs, Lil Buckets owned two Hornets franchise records and tied the rookie scoring mark with 37 points. According to the official Hornets blog, he set the record for points in a quarter (23) and points off the bench (37). I think he had the first 19 or so of those second quarter points in like six minutes. Damn, I had a great time watching him, but I could not say I was surprised. I’ve believed something like this was coming since training camp. You can’t teach a pure instinct for scoring, you can’t break it down and you can’t quantify it. But it’s what this kid has. Is he streaky? Sure. Is he undersized? Whatever. Ask Chris Paul and the five Cavs on the floor who couldn’t stop Buckets tonight how that’s going.

At one point, someone on Twitter mentioned that they weren’t watching the game, just looking at the boxscore, and asked how Thornton was scoring. I just sort of laughed. Because “how was he not scoring?” was more the question. Threes, mid-range jumpers, getting to the rim, and-1s, free throws, steals, fast breaks. I don’t think he had a dunk, but at 37 points, who even cares? His team didn’t come away with the win, but he outscored LeBron James by 17 in his own building.

It’s not exactly a big secret that Buckets has become my favorite Hornet. There’s just one way to sum up how much I love his game, and it is to say this: he is the only Hornets player who can make me feel great after a loss. Period. Ever. You’re sitting here like, “Chris Paul is out, we probably aren’t going to make the playoffs, what’s the point?” And then here comes Marcus Thornton, the local kid out of the second round, ballin like he doesn’t know what fear is.

Oh, and I almost forgot.

I said if Thornton dropped 30, we could drop the “Lil” from the “Lil Buckets” nickname. I said it, and I shall not go back on it. Those were big boy points tonight. They deserve a big boy name. Congratulations, Marcus “Buckets” Thornton.

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9 Responses to “Marcus Thornton Would Like You to Know That it is His World”

  1. Fucking amazing game from Buckets. Just amazing. Only criticism is he didn’t take more shots?

  2. I’m not a Hornets fan, but you guys have to be the dark horses for overall having the best rookie talent. Between Collison and Thornton, the future is very very bright, especially when CP3 comes back. Maybe the injury was a blessing in disguise if it let these two studs explode the way they have. Can’t wait to see their new swagger/experience mesh with CP3.

  3. Besides Sacramento, who had a better draft? And they had a lottery pick and two extras. Certainly NO had the best draft for a team without a lottery pick. Technically all they had going in was a #21 pick– they traded for Thornton.

  4. Julian Wright, of all people, actually scored the 1st bucket of the 2nd quarter. Thornton did have the next 19 though. I know, I would never have guessed that either.

  5. Ha, I thought it was Marks.

  6. I came here to see exactly this. You guys dropping “Li’l”… Buckets it is.. How about Li’l Dimes?

  7. Collison hasn’t fared quite as well coming off the bench but I’m more inclined to believe he may actually do better since he’s gaining more experience with CP3 being out.

  8. chief youngblood says:

    marcus thornton is the new vinnie johnson

    so i guess that makes him

    marcus ” the microwave ” thornton

    their names are also aesthetically very similar

  9. The Hornets broadcast guys actually picked up the Microwave comparison way back in preseason before anyone knew who Thornton was. Maybe they’re smarter than I think! (Just kidding, and then I remembered their station also covers LSU basketball..)

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