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Such a confounding 2009-2010 Season leaves even the most verbose speechless. Wins this year against most playoff teams (all but Cleveland, Toronto, and San Antonio), yet, losses to the Knicks twice, the Warriors ever, and now consecutive losses to the Wizards, Grizzlies, and Nets. A 12-5 January, nicking Playoff seeding, only to be followed by a 5-8 February, and a 4-12 March; and April showers bring 0-2 starts. We never got to see Ike Diogu, and even back-up, Sean Marks, has been reduced to rubble by injury. Chris Paul missed 33 games from the middle of it all, and Peja played 60+ games, healthy all year, only to suffer an injury just when Chris came back. Two-time All-Star David West started off cool enough to miss the ASG, but now, along with Amare, is the only player to increase his scoring output each month, and is hustling and flowing on both sides of the floor like the All-Star we all knew he was; sadly, now, he’s the only one.

What do you make of this game, this month, this season of inordinate chaos, these itinerate athletes looking like champs against the defending ones, winning wonderfully against hated foes Dallas, and gleefully allowing us to revel in the early revenge against the Deadwood Nuggets; only to allow one team freefalling toward the top lottery pick to snap a sixteen game losing streak sans their three best players, and to allow another, working hard to suddenly avoid the worst season ever to win by 28, for a team, this month, this year, this season, who refuses to either beat-down or be blown-out by all but the most respectively horrific and dominant of teams?

Ah fuck it, I seriously can’t waste any more time working on this post. The Hornets obviously don’t care, so why should I?

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5 Responses to “I Don’t Know How To Write A Blog Post”

  1. Kind of sad to write a “sum up the season” post before it’s over… but we’re not the ones who decided the season was over last week.

  2. I havent been able to watch the games lately. I feel bad about it, but wow am I glad I havent.

  3. i’m looking to next season… this season’s over…that Nets loss was beyond words…i don’t even want to think about it. :s
    How does the draft look for us?

  4. Springz says:

    Wow did you see Buckets spunk on the Bobcats last night!?!? Woowee.

  5. Hard to say how this draft will pan out. Guess it depends if we get a freakish ping pong ball bounce. Let’s just hope we keep all our draft picks and try to find some more gems.

    And the Buckets dunk? Ridiculous. Lots of people already talking it may be one of the best dunks of the year.

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