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Change The Mojo For Fuck’s Sake

By on December 7, 2010

Hornets have lost their damn minds.  As most of you know by now, the Hornets have announced new, alternate, gold uniforms. From Hornets.com: “The alternate uniforms will be worn for the first time on Friday, Dec. 10…[and] will also sport their Mardi Gras gold uniforms for every Saturday game throughout the rest of the season.”  So we’re pre-planning when to wear them?  I like, instead, the idea of changing the unis to change the mojo.

I mean, the Bees played the preseason in only the “Creole Blue” uniforms as part of the “Believe in Blue” campaing to restore Louisiana’s coast.  But after a 1-7 preseason, I couldn’t wait to see the traditional whites at home.  For that matter, I didn’t really want to see the blues on the road.  Only then the Hornets started 8-0.  Then 11-1.  At that point, anything looked good.  Even on Willie Green.

But then came a rough 2-6 stretch.  So you know what?  I’m back at square one.  I really don’t want to see our team in white or blue the way they’re playing right now.  So, shit, why not break out the golds?  It’s not like we have anything to lose.  Other than players to injury.  So, maybe keep the same shoes.  Please.

Other than that, I’m eager to see the golds in action.  And if you want to make Jac Sperling happy, go buy one.  I will.

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  1. Well, at least we get them against the Thunder…

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