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Help Save the Hornets. For Real.

By on December 27, 2010

Sure, we joked about buying the Hornets. But low and behold the guys over at Hornets247 have organized a real charity organization, the Save Our Hornets Foundation, which is accepting donations to help put people in seats at the Hornets game, to help ensure the attendance benchmark is set and the Hornets are locked into several more years of their lease, making it much more likely that the next owner is someone who wants to keep the team in New Orleans.

This Foundation is for real and sends schoolkids to games, so it’s a great cause in more ways than one.  No one need be rich to help.  Twenty bucks here, ten bucks there (or more), and with all the different donors, it will add up.  So this holiday season, take the time to give a little (or a lot) to help keep the Hornets in New Orleans.  Prove wrong the world who thinks New Orleans can’t support more than one championship team.  It’s the right thing to do.

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3 Responses to “Help Save the Hornets. For Real.”

  1. There are much better things for people to raise money for in New Orleans other than a financial mess of a sports franchise that could not bribe people to come to their games. Set up a fund for scholarship. Start a city beautification program. Put the money into your school system. Equiping your law enforcement. Of all things don’t waste your money on a franchise that nobody bothers to go see.

  2. Don’t forget to vote for your Hornets for the ASG! Text players name to 69622.

  3. Don’t let Ginobili catch up to CP3!

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