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We Were Right And You Were Wrong

By on March 15, 2011

Guess what Monty Williams and Dell Demps?  Give Marcus Thornton 41 minutes a game and he might just drop 42 for ya.  On 13-20 shooting.  On 4-7 from deep.  Maybe the young guard who’s so explosive and agile, always avoiding contact, will only have 1 FTA (made) at half, but then the other team will be forced to hack him mercilessly on the other side, desperate to stop him, somehow: only to find the guy ending up at 12-14 from the line.  Maybe this mythical hero would also add 3 boards, an assist, and 4 steals for good measure.  Oh, and with ZERO turnovers.

And for those jokers out there saying Buckets could only do it on a losing team?  This came in a blow-out win.  Scoring is scoring.  It always helps.

In comparison, the Hornets’ starting 2, Marco Belinelli, went 3-10 (3-8 from deep), and his backup, Willie Green, went 7-16 (3-4 from deep).  Not bad, but that was 10-26 in 54 minutes of play.  Belinelli’s and Green’s combined 27 not even close to Thornton’s production, even with 13 more minutes of play.  Oh, and when the Hornets’ vaunted defense failed, it was their inability to keep pace with the high-scoring Nuggets that led to the loss.  Weird.

Ticktock6 said “Lil’ Buckets” graduated to just plain “Buckets” when he dropped 30+ on the Cavs last year.  Maybe now that he’s cracked 40+ he’s “Big Buckets” or “Bi’ Buckets.”  Take your pick, or twist it your own way.  Sadly, we’ll have to leave it to the Kings fans to decide.  Because the Hornets management couldn’t find a way to use either of two of the best five rookies from last year.  In particular, Thornton is immensely talented, and anyone who’s watched a modicum of basketball should have realized it.  Shame.  Our loss is their gain.

I’m happy for Marcus, though, and wish him the best.  I just wish it was happening in New Orleans.  To all those who felt otherwise?  (And you know who you are.)  Well.  We were right.  And you were wrong.

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5 Responses to “We Were Right And You Were Wrong”

  1. After this summer he’s going to be Paid Buckets.

  2. Carl Landry is good and Im glad we have him. He just doesn’t give as much as losing Monster Buckets takes away.

    I noticed yesterday I had stopped using my Hornets lighter. Started right after we traded Marcus Mushmouth Muthafookin Buckets Thornton.

  3. Yes. For the record, I really like Carl Landry, and I hope he sticks around. Clearly, he is an upgrade at the back-up 4. But, that said, Thornton was one of 3 guards on the roster to begin the season (with CP3 and Collision), so to say we needed to trade him for a big because of a “glut” of guards and/or wings is smoke and mirrors from Dell and Co.

  4. Carl Landry cannot play the 2. Why go after a backup 4 when you don’t have a “starter level” shooting guard?

  5. DatBoiC says:

    “Bi Buckets” is going to be a negative on nick names!!

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