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By on January 6, 2008

Who is Ticktock6?

I am a New Orleans Hornets fan. I am also, as you may have noticed, not a dude.

Ticktock6. Not a dude.I’ll let you in on a little secret, though. I never really watched basketball until 2007. And then I started going to games with a season ticketholder. At first the games were something we drank beer at twice a week. They were fun, sure, but as a transplant from the Northeast who grew up following hockey (go Sabres!), they didn’t matter all that much to me. But then, at around the end of November, a funny thing started to happen.

I started to care.

In a strangely insidious way, the Hornets inserted themselves into my consciousness, grabbed hold, and would not let go. I started to browse the internet for their news. I bought gear. I looked forward to watching the away games on TV.

It did not take me long to get pissed off. We were third in the West, we had the most wins of anyone except the Suns and the Celtics. How come the arena was empty? How come the Hornets got shafted in the Times Picayune sports section every morning? How come people needed LeBron or Kobe to come out for a game, when they had THEIR OWN legitimate superstar in Chris Paul? What the hell?

The players were always very diplomatic about the sparse crowds in interviews, of course, because they are classy people. But I was mad for the Hornets. And so I decided that it was the responsibility of the fans to promote the hell out of them. Ourselves. Because if we didn’t, we were going to lose them.

I am here to bring that hype.

Who is mW?

I am a New Orleans Hornets fan.

mW in the hizzouse.I’ve always been a basketball fan, but when you live in a city that has its own team, it brings it to a whole new level. And of course, I’m now a huge Hornets fan. I’ve had season tickets since I’ve been working full-time in this city and I still cringe at old pictures of the Oklahoma City Hornets jerseys. No offense to a city that was great to our team, but they are our team.

I scream, shout and stomp at every game, whether I’m in the Arena (which I have been for every game I’ve ever had season tickets for) or in my apartment. We’ve seen the Hornets at their best and now we demand it. The Saints had their miracle season and now it’s our turn. Geaux Hornets!

So is this a blog?

No. It’s a movement.

How do I contact the blog… um, movement?

You can email us at ticktock6@gmail.com.

How can I help the Movement?

You can help the Movement by buying Hornets tickets! If you’re an out of towner, we encourage you to come on down and spend some time in New Orleans. The 2008 NBA All Star Game showed the world that our city is 100% open for business. The major tourist areas are safe, the food is the best in the country, and we keep the party going until the morning.

How come there’s no insightful basketball analysis on this site?

It’s my site. I paid ten whole dollars for it. Therefore I get to make it about whatever I want.

Seriously, though, there are already other Hornets sites which provide pretty thorough game analysis, and you should definitely check out our blogroll. So what do we do here? We don’t do a game preview. We don’t do an official recap. (HornetsHype: Shamelessly crashing other blogs’ game threads since 2008.) Sometimes we congregate after losses and use lots of words that start with F. We’re more about covering the fan side of things. The goal of this site is purely to spread the love for the Hornets and CP3. We started it right after the announcement of the Dreaded Attendance Clause, stating that the Hornets needed an average attendance of 14,735 through the end of 2008-09 or they could opt out of their lease.

We. Love. This. Team. If you don’t like the New Orleans Hornets, we don’t want to see you here. If you want to talk Deron vs. CP, we’re not sure what crack you’re smoking, because CP is in a whole different orbit. If you think Kobe was MVP, we fart in your general direction. You get the idea. So, to clarify, you should not leave us lengthy and/or frequent trolling comments telling us we’re biased… because we know we are biased. Don’t lecture us about our journalistic integrity– we have none.

Otherwise, we got kind of a double team effort going on here. Ticktock6 brings the hype, smack talk, and random fashion critique. mW brings the stats and conspiracy theories. Sometimes we’re funny. Sometimes we’re rude. Sometimes we pretend to be James Posey.

What’s your greatest moment as a Hornets fan?

The Hornets’ rise to the top in spring of 2008. Nah, just kidding, we’re totally shameless. It would have to be this:

Hey, instead of making a website, wouldn’t it be more productive to just get season tickets yourself?

Already have ’em. We represent for the Back Row.

Are you employed by the Hornets, or are you just some random person off the street?

This site is in no way, shape, or form associated with the NBA or the New Orleans Hornets organization. It is totally unofficial. The opinions expressed here do not reflect those held by the Hornets or anyone else except us. We believe the product the Hornets organization has given us is a great product. And we support it like crazy.

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