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After that amazing overtime win last night… after winning 8 out of 11 on the road in January… after the way the team came together and showed all that fight… after scrapping and clawing back into a playoff spot…

I give up.


Please feel free to commiserate in the comment thread, and I shall join you when I come down from this ledge. Which may not be … ever.

All nicknames for CP3 in China.  Keep that in mind, China.  Oh, yeah, you too Houston.  There’s also this guy in Phoenix called Steve Nash.  Don’t know what his nickname is in China, but I can tell you this much: he’s better this year than Tracy McGrady.  For those of you that don’t already know, the NBA released the first tallies of All-Star votes.  Naturally, Kobe was the highest rated Western Guard.  But second?  Tracy McGrady.  Tracy fucking McGrady.

People, Steve Nash is having a stellar year; and Chris Paul, provided he is healthy from here out, is still CP3, the best point guard in the League (who after having a miserable 15-14 night in Minnesota, is hailed by box-score watchers as having a great night.  Um, I guess.  I mean, he hit the game winner, but other than that, was not his usual brilliant self; but even half of CP is better than your point guard).  Point?


Maybe it’s ignorant to blame China, but really, are people in Houston that insane to actually vote for a guy who has yet to play a fucking game all year?  It’s not that the Chinese are natually not as with it, but at least they are a half a world away and more likely to vote for the few players they have national ties to.  Plus if only 10% of people in each country are dumb enough to think McGrady should be even on the ballot, well, there are at least four times as many of such idiots in China, based on population figures.

So listen, did I say it yet?  STOP VOTING FOR TRACY MCGRADY.  Seriously, I’m going to go all “Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back” on people and track you down by your votes and beat your head in.