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I have added an All Star Ballot link to the first sidebar. Under the bobblehead army. You can vote right in the widget, but the only downside is it doesn’t let you leave slots empty or do a write-in. If you want to do that, you need to go here to the full page and vote.

To Clarify. What You Should Do As a Hornets Fan:

1. Vote for Chris Paul and David West.

2. Though their play hasn’t been quite up there this year, just be a homer like that and vote for Tyson Chandler and Peja Stojakovic too. Everyone else’s fans will be voting for all their players, and fewer people live in New Orleans, so we gotta represent.

3. Here you have three choices. You can either leave the rest of your ballot blank and just submit it like that (according to mW it does let you).

4. Or, you have the option to write in more Hornets players.

5. Or, fill in random other players as you see fit. Take me, for instance. After I finished voting for all the Hornets, I voted for Brandon Roy (love him), Paul Pierce (call me), Chris Bosh (awesome), Dwight Howard (he’s a beast), and Stephon Marbury (just to be a jackass). And that was just today. Who knows what I will do tomorrow…

6. Vote every day. It’s a complete and total disgrace to humanity if Chris Paul doesn’t start this year. Not that I think he won’t. But Phoenix is a mad sprawling city, and you never know.

You Send, I Post

By on September 14, 2008

People have been sending me mad cool stuff from around the internet, and this blog has been out of town (Adirondacks, Gustav, and San Francisco, in that order) for most of the last 3 weeks, so I haven’t had a chance to post it.

  • Stu Holdren from NBA Noise sent me this wild and crazy Toyota Sequoia that’s being auctioned on Ebay. It’s an All Star Game themed car that’s got a mini-replica of the New Orleans All Star court, which is signed by Chris Paul among other super famous NBA names. It’s also got a 32 inch TV and (I missed this the first time around!) is decorated in BASKETBALL. You know, like some cars are made of all leather interior? This one is made of orange basketball. Seriously. Go have a look. And hey, if you’ve got $69,000 kicking around…
  • Cox Sports TV (Ch. 37 in New Orleans) announced that they’ll carry 65 Hornets games. When you add in the previously announced nationally televised games, that’s a total of 78 Hornets games on TV. Which is apparently the most the team has ever had. That’s not counting NBATV games that haven’t been decided yet, either. CST isn’t doing any preseason games, unfortunately. And if you have Direct TV or Charter, you’re still pretty much screwed. OTHERWISE, Matt thinks the TV schedule is hype-worthy. And I agree.
  • New Jordan CP shoes are out in the world… they look a little busier than the first version. Chris Paul was actually wearing them in the photo shoot a couple weeks ago with the new uniforms. (Thanks to Mark for the pics.)
    CP back view

    CP back view

    view of 2009 CP shoe

    2009 CP shoe

    And finally, CP3, LeBron, Deron Williams, Chris Bosh and Dwight Howard eat Wendy’s in a gas station next to, as Chris Paul astutely notes, a rack of Pennzoil and Slim Jims. Hilarity. (Thanks to Ethan for the link. And Chris Bosh for being so awesome as to YouTube stuff like this so we can all giggle over it.)

  • And look, I finally upgraded WordPress, and henceforth my pictures will have cute little captions. Only today they’re not cute because I just got off a plane. And now– I’m out like Darrell Arthur and Mario Chalmers at rookie camp…

West. David West

By on March 23, 2008

David WestIn the words of the opposing coach, Doc Rivers, “David West single-handedly destroyed us.” You taking note, Rafer Alston? Those of us in the Big Easy have known all year that D-West deserved his All-Star spot. And last night he proved it big-time. Many people have called for Garnett to get the Defensive Player of the Year award, especially if he misses out on the MVP. Well, tonight, D-West said otherwise, putting up 37 points on Boston’s big man.

Hornets’ coach Byron Scott called it a “quiet” 37, which it was, because until we looked up at the player of the game stats, we had no idea he had scored that many. But this is why David is so crucial to the Hornets. When we struggle with perimeter shooting, David offers an alternative: able to just plug away and hammer the paint points. He’s done it to the best in the West, and now he’s done it to the best in the East. He’s like a force of nature, and he’s going to carry us in the playoffs.

Don’t get me wrong, I love CP and Peja, and all the rest, but when it comes to the solid, easy, punishing points and drawing fouls, West is the man. David West.

This is what CP3 looks like before he eats soulsFree! CP3 Posters for everyone tonight! (See left.) Clearly meant to be a depiction of what Chris Paul looks like shortly before devouring someone’s soul. And they’ve done a good job with it, too.

ESPN the Mag Hype for CP: This article just appeared on the front page of espn.com. Everyone wants to be friends with Chris Paul. It’s the cool thing to do. Except, where ya been lately on that whole yelling-at-Tyson thing?

What-EVER, Marty Burns: People who disrespect the CP3|MVP mission end up in a special place. It’s called the Shit List.

CrowdWatch: I think we’ve got another sellout for tonight. There were only 300 tickets left as of this morning.

Bonus Random Hype That Can’t Quite Be Categorized: Hilton Armstrong and Julian Wright go bowling. Why? How? No one knows. I love you, internets.

And remember to smile at the game, because you’re on TV!

All-Star Madness by CP3!

By on February 18, 2008

CP3 running the half-court setWord from the All-Star game. It was awesome! Although the first three quarters were largely controlled by the East, the Western All-Stars kept it continuously close. Which in basketball, especially NBA basketball, and even moreso all-star NBA basketball, means you can always make a run. CP3 came in later than we expected, coming out after both Iverson (the starter) and Nash. Unfortunately some people were booing these guys. I understand we all wanted CP in the rafters, but let’s keep it positive. This day is about all of these guys. (Ours just happen to be the best!) The cool thing was that though the PA didn’t unleash the trademark “Woo” that accompanies a CP score, the upper Nola crowds did it themselves. We were all doing it even on announced assists. I listened to a later telecast. You could hear it.

CP leading the break! D West had an average game and proved he belonged there, but didn’t stand out, unfortunately. It was his first such game, however, and a huge honor. I think you could see he was not used to playing with these guys and wasn’t sure how to react sometimes. Byron’s Princeton system is more exact than most others, except for maybe the Lakers’ triangle O. But CP3 came through big time. He took over the fourth quarter and made it close when no one thought it would be. If pundits were calling it one of the best finishes ever, it was because of CP. MVP chants rained down and even the commentators across the board were saying had the West pulled it out, he probably would have gotten the nod. So despite the ultimate loss, it showed CP3 not only deserves to be an All-Star, but a legitimate MVP candidate.

I Snagged a Souvenir

By on February 18, 2008

Our living room is kickin’ it All Star styleThey were just going to pull up those logos off the floor of the arena anyway…

The mystery man himselfI do, anyway. Good thing the All Star Game is tonight. The elusive Mr. West has been flying under the radar this weekend, as usual, but not tonight. (To the left, a rare glimpse of #30 in his natural habitat. I think he’s been the least photographed All Star.)

And now, a roundup of articles about the Man of Mystery:

* David West talks about poverty in New Orleans

* Talks about New Orleans’ recovery (video)

* In the Times Picayune

I know D-West doesn’t really care about his personal HypeMeter. But that’s all the more reason Hornets fans should bring the hype for him. I am still keeping an eye out for that jersey, in size small small small. Double West on the front and back just radiates coolness. I could rock a D-West jersey. We have many things in common. No, seriously.

  • David West was Class of 2003. Me too! Class of 2003 represent.
  • He has a tattoo of his alma mater’s logo. And so do I! Of course it’s a different school, different color, and different location on my body… but that matters not.
  • He’s 6’9″. I could be 6’9″ if I was wearing heels and standing on a box that was a foot tall.
  • D-West majored in communications. I majored in English, a similar field.
  • D-West gets 19.8 points per game. I can talk about Battlestar Galactica for 19.8 minutes straight.
  • If I wanted, I could wear nothing but sweats and Adidas pants for a week, just to be like D-West. Watch me.
  • Through years of putting myself through graduate school with crappy jobs, I too have perfected the art of looking angry yet saying little.

See? I told you.

!!! Back off CP, Dwyane Wade!

Chris Paul at the Skills Competition The Saturday Skills Competition was awesome, albeit not the Hornets day to shine. Nonetheless, it was New Orleans itself which shined. The first event, Shooting Stars, featured four teams, each which had to make six shots in order, each further back than the former, culminating in a half court shot. No Hornets, as it featured a current NBA star, WNBA star, and NBA legend (retired) from San Antonio, Detroit, Chicago, and Phoenix. San Antonio won. And as it wasn’t said in ANY other outlet I saw, it was the WNBA player, Becky Hammon, who carried them in the first round, and fully pulled her part in the finals to win. That woman can shoot!

Next up was the Skills Challenge, featuring our very own someday-MVP, Chris Paul (picture above). There, competitors had to make a lay-up/dunk, dribble around several obstacles, make a serious of passes, shoot from the free throw line, pass again, and then sprint through more obstacles before making a final lay-up/dunk. Chris dazzled in the first round, to the delight of many Hornets fans, but unfortunately got ousted in the finals by the perfect (and record-breaking) performance by arch-nemesis, Deron Williams. Well guess what, we’ll see what happens on the 29th. Look to see CP3 rebound.

Peja 3-Pointing!Next up was Peja in the 3-Point contest. Despite being a two-time champion in this event, he started off cold, missing from his usual money-spot in the corner. But then he got hot, passing several competitors, but missed the 2-point ball after making all the other four in the final rack, meaning he fell just below two other players, which proved his undoing, when last year’s champ, Jason Kapono blasted past everyone, knocking out Peja. Kapono went on to win the contest handily. Although we were disappointed, we dare the other five guys in the contest to do that with the game clock expiring and a seven footer in their face like Peja does. We know you’re still the best, Peja.

That left the dunk event, also with no Hornets. Boo. They tried to get Julian Wright in it, to no avail. As ticktock6 pointed out, the only bummer about this amazing event was that it was all gimmicks. So here is our shot out to Jamario Moon, who probably pulled out the most athletic dunk with his first round bounce-down jumping 360 catch and full bring back tomahawk slam that started it all. Dwight Howard, however, was the ultimate winner. And deservedly so.

Hypemeter: although the Hornets didn’t win any events, New Orleans won them all. And so we’re proud of that!

Rookie Challenge Game Pics

By on February 16, 2008

Lower bowl filled with pink-clad rugratsThey went with the dark look for the game. The lights were dimmed the whole time. I knew there was going to be a lot of kids at the game, but I didn’t expect quite so many. They gave away tickets for the entire lower bowl. Then they gave the kids free jerseys, so it was like a sea of pink.

The arena looks a little different this weekendA couple of new additions: Notice the stage off to the right and the snazzy LCD screen in front of the scoring table. Sections 106-108 are all press tables. I gotta say, it’s weird when your entire section has been transformed into a press box. (Actually we sit a little to the right of this, but still.) Sort of lets you know where you rank in the grand scheme of things.

Chris Paul addresses the kidsChris Paul was one of the first players to arrive at the game. I think everyone was still down at the convention center waiting for the Celebrity Game and other events to wind down, because it was only toward halftime that people started trickling in to the game. CP3 sat with Deron Williams and, I think, his brother at center court the whole game.

Daniel Gibson receives MVP trophy Md2020 said it had to be a record when Daniel Gibson kept sinking 3 after 3 after 3. He had 33 points, every single one of them a three pointer. It got to the point where it was just ridiculous. Like, “Is this happening?” ridiculous. The score was 136-109 sophomores. You could make an argument that he singlehandedly won the game. The rookies actually hung close for the first half.

I’m an All Star. Look at the T-shirt. This was my first All Star event, not counting the Jam Session on Wednesday. It wasn’t the most star-studded event, but for 20 bucks it was a good deal. I gotta agree with those who say there isn’t a bad seat in the house. (Left: Here’s me All-Starring it up in the Big Easy Balcony.) As far as celebrity sightings, all of the ones we saw were waaaay down below, except we did see Ahmad Rashad by the Abita stand. (Our usual bartender from the main concourse was up top last night and told us when she said hi that you couldn’t buy any alcohol on the lower level because of the kids.)

Don’t throw out your beer cup! Speaking of which, we thought the cups just said Budweiser, so we pitched the first two. Then we realized they had the All Star logo on the other side. Pretty cool collectible! So if you go make sure to buy draft beers and snag a couple of the cups. It’s a sweet little All Star Weekend freebie to put on the shelf next to your umpteen millionth Mardi Gras parade cup.