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It is all your holiday wishes come true. Believe me. They are wishes you didn’t know you had, but still.

I promise that now your life will be complete.

Merry Christmas and a Happy LakersGame Day!

The rhythm of Mo Pete, the dancing of TC and the lyrical stylings of Mr. Ryan Bowen

Ryan Bowen is the Floor Burn

By on October 2, 2008

In listening to the audio over at Hornets.com (check it out), I heard an interesting remark. Jim Eichenhofer mentioned to Ryan Bowen that he had noticed the “Floor Burn Tournament” hosted over at Hoopsaddict.com, and was disappointed he wasn’t in that tourney. Hype fans will recall that we sponsored Julian Wright, who surprised the NBA-nation by making the semifinals before losing to the ultimate winner, Shane Battier. What not everyone knows, including Jim, who conducted this interview, is that we submitted Bowen’s name to Ryan McNeil over at Hoopsaddict.com, but added an insert on Julian because Bowen wasn’t signed at the time. Hoopsaddict.com went with Ju-Ju. But here’s what w had to say about RB:

Ryan Bowen: his theme song literally was “Do the Hustle.” Running around the floor with abandon, he always seemed to get the loose ball or rebound when he wasn’t even in the picture a moment earlier. That kind of energy proved infectious, always lifting the level of play from the other Hornets on the floor; Bowen was the quintessential “hustle” player.

Who knows how RB would have done in this tourney, but we wanted to let him and the rest of the world know that we definitely would have pushed for him had he been under contract at the time. So Mr. Bowen, don’t be surprised we love you. You rock.

Ryan Bowen Re-Signed.

By on August 9, 2008

Iowa’s Hawk Eye is reporting that on Friday Ryan Bowen has signed a one year deal to come back to the team.  No word yet on the amount.  I like the move.