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The answer is nothing, right?

Wrong! As proven by tonight’s giveaway, featuring not one but two Chris Pauls. The Hornets are participating in Hardwood Classic Night, kicking it old school ABA style in New Orleans Bucs jerseys. (Damn, those shorts are small. The Hornets, it should be noted, will be playing tonight sans small shorts. That is to say, they will be wearing shorts. But they’ll be regular uniform sized shorts.) But if you want your two Chris Pauls, you have to be one of the first 8,000 people through the door. Which means you will have to forgo the dollar beers, alas.

There are probably still tickets available if you want to get in on this, because the Hornets are putting the revenge smackdown on playing the Charlotte Bobcats.

Meanwhile, over at At the Hive, Hornets GM Jeff Bower answers his phone calls

Update: Meanwhile, it seems Jeff Bower really was on the phone, because the team seems to have traded Mike James to Washington for Antonio Daniels.

And it is a classic.

It’s Mike James asking the questions, and doing the answers. (Scroll down, and it’s the Hornets Insider from 10/23.)

Highlights: In the beginning of the interview, D. West is singing in the background. (Mike James: David West cannot sing.) And James and his kids filmed an episode of Supernanny that’s going to air on ABC. (Mike James: We fought the whole time… But she did throw me in the pool.)

Seriously, listen to it. I’m totally glad the Hornets went with Mike James. Pargo couldn’t interview himself. He couldn’t even spell Tchoupitoulas. What-EVER.

If Mike James

By on October 10, 2008

… continues to lay down the law in the regular season, I will have to give him his own tag. And it will be, “I’m Mike James, Bitch!”

I felt the need to announce that. Because I say that all the time in my head, and I can’t be the only one. Can I?

Can I?