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Twittastic Tuesday

By on December 15, 2009

Where we semi-regularly give you the best pickings from the Hornets twitter feeds. What’s up with the guys? Well, the weather’s been on their minds, just like all of us regular people. (IS IT GOING TO FREAKING STOP STORMING EVER? Seriously. This is the second straight week.)


Mornin evrybody, headed to shootaround…did anybody else in NO hear that mini hurricane that ripped thru the city last nite?? CRAZY STORM

#igrewupon Starter Jackets (I had the Charlotte Hornets n my bro had Chicago Bulls)

“WHEELS DOWN back n NO…tough loss 2nite against a good Mavs team…we hav to get off to better starts wit our starting 5…which is my job!”‘

@mopete 24: (Hmm, wonder what happened… this tweet just makes me crave a baked potato.)

Had an AWFUL customer service experience today at Port Of Call restaurant in New Orleans. I wouldn’t recommend anyone to ever go there.


“Man… It’s raining lions and wolves in the N.O! Don’t even want to drive in this weather…”

Why is there a huge elephant statue in my subdivision?!?! http://twitpic.com/tn9zx

(‘Cause ya live in next to somewhere over there Plaquemines Parish, son. Get used to that thing. It’s always parked around there. Haha.)

@Bbrownsix was a little freaked out by the weather, and even posted a vid from what appears to be his rooftop window (And, since New Orleans isn’t exactly a large city, we now know which building he lives in. Haha). He’s also got a new custom background by @ejkiewicz_com.

This rain and wind just woke me up… All I gotta say is Wow!!!!!!

Man I dnt kno wat just hit the NOLA but it was crazy… I need to get back to LA… Geesh

Where I’m from I’m use to Eartquakes and a lil bit of rain.. Not mini Hurricanes and Thunderstorms…Oh Dipppppppppp!!!!!!!

It’s gettin pretty ugly outside…. http://twitvid.com/9E29E

New Orleans Arena Where Amazing Happens!!! Gametime vs Kings.. Let’s get this one fellas…

And, my personal favorite Bobby Brown tweet:

Popeyes…. Where Amazing Happens lol….

Yes, Bobby. Yes, it does. Plus a bunch of the Hornets team and staff went to the Cowboys game on Sunday while they were in Dallas to play the Mavs, and they took a pic on the field:

CP, the Browns, Emokafor & Hilton and Hornets staff

CP, the Browns, Emokafor & Hilton and Hornets staff

Well, it’s been… random. Follow Chris Paul, Morris Peterson, Bobby Brown, and Julian Wright for more Twitteratin’ fun.

Twittastic Tuesday

By on November 24, 2009

Because I thought we needed some new features, you know I love Twitter, and the title is illiterative. Hornets Hype presents Twittastic Tuesday, a.k.a. the post where I’m a stalker so you don’t have to be, where we’ll bring you the week’s highlights (lowlights? nonlights? mundanities?) from the Hornets player twitters. FYI, the four Hornets on Twitter are Chris Paul, Morris Peterson, Bobby Brown, and Julian Wright. Of all of them, Bobby Brown’s has the potential to be the funniest, because he talks a lot of trash, and occasionally posts super random pics like Marcus Thornton eating fast food or his grocery shopping.

This week?

And finally, here’s Bobby Brown’s Music Monday from yesterday. Because there was just something about Coldplay followed up by Lil Wayne that had me cracking up. You go, Bobby!

Music Monday with Bobby Brown

Music Monday with Bobby Brown

All right, Hornets tweeters. Now, go forth and say more interesting stuff next week so I have some juicy items to post! Seriously, guys. Do not let me down.

Now, for WAY MORE FUN, if you’re on Twitter, you need to be following fake Devin Brown (Most recent status update: “2 hungover to meet up with the team 2day but I sent coach a party platter of chicken wings so I won’t get fined”) and fake Hilton Armstrong. I don’t know who’s behind it (It’s not me. Really) but it’s quite inappropriately hilarious. Believe me. ***Kind of Not Safe For Work or Children, however

I’m sure some of you remember the infamous Rafer Alston/David West/Chris Paul incident from 2007-08 (Rafer went on national TV the day before the Rockets arrived in New Orleans to play the Hornets and said David West wasn’t a star, the Hornets kicked their butts into next week, and Chris Paul was very, very sarcastic in his postgame comments– actually, it’s by far the rudest I’ve ever seen him in a press conference).

Well, the Hornets play the 3-0 Boston Celtics on Sunday. And, coincidentally or perhaps not, this happened to pop across my Twitter feed last night:

Do they not know that this is dangerous?

Do they not know that this is dangerous?

Look, forget about what Rondo said. I’m sure every point guard– in his own mind, anyway– thinks he’s the greatest. Forget about the fact that he totally has it backwards; put Chris Paul on the Celtics with Pierce, Garnett, and Allen, and they’d win like 75 games, is more like it. The funniest part about this is, I cannot imagine what Perkins was thinking, telling that to a media guy. I mean, what did he think was going to happen there?

This is terrifyingly like poking a dragon with a stick. OK, the Hornets look like a massive work in progress still, while the Celtics already seem to be clicking the best out of the potential title contenders in these early days of the season. So it’s not like we’re expecting a huge victory Sunday, or anything. But the fact remains that you don’t poke a dragon with a stick. It breathes motherfreakin’ fire. It’s not safe. I’m not saying the Hornets are going to come out and win this game, bulletin board material or not. I’m just saying if they do, the Celtics will know who is to blame.

As for the Hornets, I would print this out. I would stick it up on the wall wherever. And I would make certain Chris Paul sees it.

Edited to Add: As I’d hoped, here’s At the Hive with the statistical debunking of Rondo’s statement.

Only tangentially Hornets-related, but for those who aren’t into the whole Twitter thing, I got what is pretty much the Twitter Holy Grail this afternoon: a rare and coveted @ reply from His Shaqness. I had originally posted a link to this article by Jimmy Smith of the Times Picayune:

POSEY PLAYED HURT: No one knew it, but Hornets forward James Posey played all but the first two games of last season with torn meniscus cartilage in his right knee. Posey, who underwent surgery to repair the damage in late May, recalled Monday when and where the injury took place.

“In Game 3 here (a home opener against the Cleveland Cavaliers), I came down, had a couple shots – and I was on that left wing,” Posey said, pointing to the end of the floor where the Hornets’ bench is located. “I was fouled, but I thought I was going to have more contact – and I came down awkward.

“My knee buckled. I went to the free-throw line, then I started moving, and then I subbed myself out. I went straight to the back, and I just sat in the hallway. It just didn’t feel right. The docs came back and checked it out. Afterward I had an MRI, and they told me what happened.”

Posey said doctors assured him he would do no additional damage to the knee by playing. So he taped it up and padded it each contest – for 72 more regular-season games and five in the playoffs – and continued to play.

And all this time we never knew. It wasn’t in the paper. It wasn’t on TV. It wasn’t out there. Which basically affirms my view of Posey as a warrior. Therefore, I tweeted the following:

poseytweetA little bit later, I check my @ replies. To my complete surprise, out of nowhere, I see this in my feed! (Red arrow is Shaq, above which is an amusing glimpse at several people reacting to Shaq randomly @ replying me, in pretty much the same way I reacted.)


So there you go. Shaq agrees with me. Ha! If Twitter were life, I would win at it. But more seriously, I think that says something about what kind of a player Pose is. We’re lucky to have him.

Alas, where does one go from here? I am so young, with nothing left to live for.