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The Movement

By on January 12, 2008

“Hornets Hype. It’s not a blog. It’s a movement.”

Higher & Higher

This site was born in January 2008, when the Hornets’ future in New Orleans was hazy at best. Attendance at an average game was usually between 8,000 to 13,000. We would gaze up into the stretches of empty blue seats in the upper bowl and wonder if this season would be it for the Hornets, a failed experiment in loyalty to a city brought low by Hurricane Katrina and largely swept out of view by the rest of America. At one of the season ticketholder events we attended, Hornets fans were encouraged to help market the team. That day I decided that if we couldn’t get out there and represent for our own team, then we weren’t very good fans. We had to bring the hype, even when there was no hype. This site was our attempt at doing exactly that.

You know what happened next. We watched the future unfolding before our eyes as 2007-08 turned into The Season That Saved Basketball in New Orleans.

Where Tomorrow Is Coming Today

Hornets Hype is 100% committed to the rebirth of New Orleans. We choose to live here, we love living here, and we’re proud to live here. And we want basketball to be part of this city’s future.

We believe that tomorrow is coming today, because you’ve got to believe that to some extent if you live in New Orleans. We believe Chris Paul is our prophet. The Hornets and their fans have a unique opportunity to grow together. Watching the 2007-08 Hornets was like watching a team on the verge of something big. And it may not have been televised on ESPN, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t happening right here. The New Orleans Hornets and their fans will someday make the national media rue the day when they walked into our house and wrote the same crappy, ignorant article 500 times about how much our city sucks. Together we will rise up.

We believe it. You should too.

(And anyway, our other motto is “The only thing better than a dollar beer is a free beer,” but that just doesn’t look as good in a banner.)

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Geaux Hornets!

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